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Revealing mistake: In the visions of Nefertiri scene where Nefertiri is fighting Anck-su-Namun back in ancient Egypt, Evie (Nefertiri) gets knocked to the floor and when she lifts her mask up you can see on her right index finger is a band aid/plaster. Did they have plasters back in ancient times? (01:07:49)

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Revealing mistake: In the British Museum after O'Connell frees Evie from being sacrificed, they both shoot at glass containers filled with alcohol and formaldehyde. Right before they explode, you can see protective masks very clearly on the guards that were standing in front of them. (00:39:51)

Revealing mistake: When Jonathan gets separated from Rick, Alex, and Evelyn while running, he bumps into another surviving guard and they keep running together. While they're running, if you look on the ground, you can see tire tracks left by the camera vehicle. (01:33:00)

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Revealing mistake: In the scene when Rick and John are pinned down in the lavatory by machine gun fire, if you look at the stained glass window before they jump through it, it is smooth but just before they jump through it it is textured like break-away glass. (00:31:40)

Revealing mistake: During the first battle between the Medjai and the Anubis warriors there is a part when all of the Anubis warriors start to get killed off. You can see a Medjai jog across the bottom of the screen from right to left with his sword held out. He runs into an Anubis warrior at the bottom left hand side of the screen and he turns to sand. It's obvious that the guy wasn't doing anything and they just edited in a warrior and had him destroyed. You can tell that the direction for these guys was, "Just run across the screen like you're in battle." Some of the guys are real animated and jump and hack, this guy just looks like he's taking a leisurely jog. He doesn't even swing his arm. (01:47:07)

Revealing mistake: In the final shot of the movie, you can see where the real set of the balloon changes into the computer-generated balloon. You see parts of the boat fade away or suddenly move position, and some of the wires and such disappear or change.

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Revealing mistake: After Rick and Evie find the bracelet the water starts coming after them. There are then shots of the water and then them running. Finally, they stop and hold each other. Shortly after that the wave comes over them. If you notice right before it hits them, it is their doubles you see. Not the actors. (00:14:55)

Revealing mistake: When Ardeth Bay is waiting for the warriors of Anubis to attack, his close up shows that he is sweating off his forehead tattoos.

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The Mummy Returns mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Rick and Evie break through the wall together with the water (after their son made the columns fall), you can see that Evie is lying on a skateboard on which she's being pulled forward. (It's a black one, visible when she leans over to Rick.) You can also easily see it under Rick. (00:16:10)

Revealing mistake: The Anubis Warriors do not leave footsteps in the sand, but they do kick it up when they run. This is especially obvious when the army turns to dust at the end of the movie, leaving a pristine, footprintless desert. One could argue that the dust from the disintegrating Warriors covers the footsteps, but the dust also engulfs the Medjai, whose footsteps are still visible when they cheer.

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the movie we see Rick and Evy almost drowning in crystal clear water. Had that water really been from the Nile, it would have been muddier.

Revealing mistake: During the final battle, when the burning oil-pots are being knocked over, you can see the weapons on the sides are rubber from the way they bend and wobble.

Revealing mistake: In the opening battle, when the armies organize before charging, you can see some men walking right through each other, where digital doubles have been added into the scenes. Hard to catch, but it happens at least once or twice.

Revealing mistake: In the battle against the Anubis Warriors, you can see the CGI sand explodes "wrong" sometimes. In other words, the sand sometimes overlaps the wrong areas, such as people that are in front of it.

Revealing mistake: During the fight against the Anubis warriors, in one shot you can see two men stab one of them in the chest. The warrior explodes and when the sand clears only one man remains. This is because all of the men were photographed separately and digitally composited together, so one of the computer artists made a mistake and accidentally cut out a character half-way through the shot.

Revealing mistake: When the Nile explodes through the corridor in the beginning, as the villain's goon is running by, you can see the wall suddenly get a little bit lighter in a circular fade pattern. This reveals that two separate images were used, and they were composited together. One day the goon was filmed, then another, the water bursting through was filmed, and the lighting was slightly off.

Revealing mistake: During the very first shot of the scene where the heroes arrive in the canyon (during the "Wall of Water" scene), pay attention to the shot carefully as the camera tilts down, as several elements seem out-of-place. When Imhotep steps into frame, the lighting on him doesn't quite match the scenery around him (indicating he was shot against a blue or green screen and added into the shot), and the waterfall in the background moves somewhat unnaturally (slightly jittery if you look closely) towards the end of the shot.

Revealing mistake: I can go with Alex making sandcastles to let his parents know where to go, but if you pay attention, the scale in each castle is perfect in every detail, and there are portions which would just be too hard to make by hand.

Revealing mistake: When Rick realises his destiny to kill the Scorpion King with the spear he backs into the wall with the painting on of a figure with the tattoo on his wrist. We see this is just a big prop because it wobbles as he backs into it, instead of just standing firm like a rock wall should.


Revealing mistake: After Anck-su-Namun meets with Imhotep in the museum, he waves his hand over her face and there is a brief flashback of the two of them in ancient times. They kiss, and it reverts to the present, where Imhotep is still not completely regenerated. You can tell it's CGI because of how the tip of her nose disappears into his skin as they kiss.

The Mummy Returns mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Rick is trapped in the bathroom, he finds John underwater in a bathtub full of suds. As John climbs out of the tub, his body naturally is covered in suds. However, when he and Rick jump out the window and start running away, John's body is completely suds-free. (00:30:15)

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Ardeth Bay: By putting this on, you have started a chain reaction that could bring about the next apocalypse.
Rick: [to Ardeth] You, lighten up. [To Alex] You, big trouble. [To Jonathan] You, get in the car.

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Trivia: In the tomb, Alex knocks over the columns the same way Evie knocked over the bookcases in "The Mummy."

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Question: I heard that Max Cavallera from Sepultura provided all the yells and the shouting for the rock. Is this true?

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