The Mummy

Corrected entry: In the final return to The City of the Dead, O'Connell and company return in the RAF plane, Imhotep, Evelyn, and Beni fly in on a sand storm. But after Benny discovers the treasure vault, he runs outside to get a camel from the huge herd waiting there... now where did that herd come from?

Correction: Those are leftover camels from the earlier expedition that were abandoned. Remember, when they were first exploring the city, quite a few people were killed both by Imhotop and by the invading Magi. When they fled, they simply left the camels belonging to the deceased party-members behind.

Correction: This "herd" is from the first trip to Hamunaptra with Rick, Evie, Beni, and Americans. Now it's not clear exactly how everyone who survived got back to Cairo but it's reasonable they used the horses and camels to get back. But given that the Americans brought more then 3 dozen workers with all the equipment they'd need, it's quite likely at least a few camels got left there. Which all makes sense as Rick and Co arrive the second time via the airplane and Imhotep, Evie, and Beni arrive via Imhotep's sand tornado thing. Neither of those groups having camels with them. So when Beni starts loading gold/treasure onto a camel near the end, it must be from the first visit they all made especially since the camels are all ready strapped up and ready for riding anyway. So after defeating the mummy, when Rick, Evie and Johnathan are seen leaving on camels, one of them being the camel Beni loaded, these are the camels left from that first visit. If you think not because they must have been away for days at least, if not longer, between the two trips... Well... Camels can last months without water and such in the typical Egyptian weather. So it's entirely plausible and realistic for those camels to be the ones from the first visit to Hamunaptra after the boats destruction.

Corrected entry: When O'Connell and the others are escaping Imhotep's crazed followers they crash the yellow car and abandon it. The next morning they are seen arriving at the old RAF pilot's camp in the same car which shows no sign of damage. Were all of the cars in Egypt yellow and the same model or did they sneak back to retrieve that one taking it to an all night Egyptian body and fender shop before setting off to rescue Evie?

01:27:20 - 01:30:00

Correction: They snuck back and got it later. Hours and hours have passed between the scenes. Not a mistake.

Corrected entry: Rick throws a stick of dynamite into a niche in the wall. As Rick and Jonathan escape through the hole, flames are seen on the right hand side. Nothing should be burning as there is only sand and stone.

Correction: You forgot about the mummies that are coming after them and get blown up when the explosion happens. They're made of dried flesh, bone and bandage - all things that easily burn. You can even see flaming pieces of mummy raining down. (Heck, earlier in the film, one of the Americans even jokingly suggests Imhotep could be used for firewood).

Corrected entry: When Evie is in the library putting the books back she leans over to put a book on the opposite shelf, the ladder moves and she drops the book. Although the book was not that heavy it still would have made a noise but the sound is barely audible.

julie sheridan

Correction: That's because the creaking of the ladder and Evie's gasps were too loud for us to hear the book, in terms of editing/audio.

Corrected entry: The city of Hamunaptra (meaning 'City of the Dead Man') was found in India in the 1850's. There are no known ancient Egyptian cities by that name.

Correction: A. The Mummy is not a documentary, it's fiction, it doesn't have to use real city names. B. It's said in the movie that Hamunaptra is a secret hidden city.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The teeth on the star key suggest that the mummy sarcophagus uses some sort of tumbler system. A closer look at the "key hole" shows that there is nothing for the teeth to work on. The lock is simply the solid negative impression of the key. You can twist the lock with a bare hand and open it, so any trouble the characters go through to get the key is pointless. The same goes for the book of the dead.

Correction: Both of these books are books of magic. In this world, magic is real. Imhotep performs magic regularly; his very existence is in itself magic. The keys are required to open the books, not merely because they turn the locks, but because the books are magically enchanted not to open without their keys.

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Corrected entry: When Imhotep is speaking to Evy in the scene where they are surrounded by the plagued people, Imhotep is speaking Ancient Egyptian as usual. However, Evy only seems to understand the "Take my hand, and I will spare your friends" line once Beni translates it.

Correction: Simple. Evie is a scholar of the ancient Egyptian language, but here's the thing - we know how how it was written (thanks to the Rosetta Stone) but can't be sure, especially at that time, how it was spoken. Evie can read and write the language of ancient Egyptian, but that doesn't mean she can speak it or understand it when spoken.

Corrected entry: When the sandstorm covers the plane with sand, all the characters have their eyes covered with goggles, but their ears and noses are not covered. Seems they are able to hear and breathe just fine with all that sand going into their nostrils, ears and mouths after they crash land in the desert. You can see Rick is able to talk to Ardeth and Jonathan while they are traveling inside the sand storm.


Correction: It was be human instinct to close ones mouth if caught in a sandstorm. I assume that these characters would do the same. I have never heard of someone going deaf or have their noses completely blocked by sand. Unless you see otherwise (shown on screen) we can easily presume that they are not affected by the mystical sandstorm.


Corrected entry: Imhotep needs his physical organs that are contained within the Canopic jars the Americans have. This means Imhotep must have existed in the Old Kingdom, as the ancient Egyptians eventually discovered a method of preserving the organs within the body of the deceased. This led to Canopic jars becoming purely symbolic, sometime near the birth of the New Kingdom.

Correction: Imhotep was buried alive, they didn't remove his organs (although they did cut off his tongue) he needs to collect the jars because of the curse on the chest. Or possibly they had Anaksunamun's organs in which would still make you correct in the Old Kingdom statement.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie John Hannah uses his own Scottish accent shows though his characters English accent. The most obvious instance is when he says "put your backs into it".


Correction: First, this entry doesn't actually make any sense as a sentence. Second, it's never stated where the character is from originally or has spent the last several years living. It is therefore impossible to claim he should have one accent and not another.

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Corrected entry: Evie's shoes change styles during the final scenes of the movie; she has open-toe sandals when she is tossed out of the sand storm and when she is first seen chained to the table, but then she's wearing closed-toe heels when fighting with the female mummy and running from the collapsing city.

Correction: Evie always has the closed toe shoes, she gets sand on them which makes it appear as if she has sandals.

Corrected entry: There was no solar eclipse visible anywhere near the Middle East in 1923.

Correction: The eclipse was caused because Imhotep was regenerating. An event that happens in a fantasy, as a result of a fictional character's actions, cannot be considered a factual error.


Corrected entry: When the Magi is set on fire, both he and Johnathan lunge for the key. If you look closely, you can see that it is actually the Magi who picks it up from the angle and condition of the hand/arm that grabs it. Yet, later on, Johnathan mysteriously has it.

Correction: We are told in the beginning that Jonathan is a thief therefore he just pick-pocketed the magi to get it back.

Corrected entry: When John Hannah is attacked by the beatle, Brendan Fraser saves him by cutting his shoulder and removing the creature. However, moments later, Hannah is wearing a black bandage in his hand and in his chest, and NOT where he was cut by his friend.


cinecena Premium member

Correction: The bandage was not from where the bug was removed - its the wound from where the bug entered.

Corrected entry: When Evy is describing mummifacation to Rick, she mentions that they removed the heart. This is not true. The Egyptians believed that the heart was the thinking organ, and should remain in the body to help the soul reach the underworld. She could have been talking about the Hom-Dai, but she also mentions that the brain is removed from the nostrils, which Imhotep did NOT suffer.


Correction: She's right. The Egyptians did remove the heart. They mummified it seperately and put it back in the chest cavity of the mummy. Evie seems to omit this detail, but that's not a film mistake.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when the Mummy's girlfriend is put on the table next to Rachel Weisz, it is VERY obvious that she is breathing BEFORE he tries to bring her back to life.


Correction: Based on an IMDB entry, this is plain wrong. Until the 'spirit' enters her body, Ankh-Su-Namum is just a prop dummy, not an actress in costume, so there is no breathing, or a pulse, or anything similar. After the spirit enters, she's allowed to be breathing.

Corrected entry: When Benny jumps out the window the window breaks, but later, when the flies come, Jonathan and Rick shut that window, blocking out the flies.

Correction: When Benny jumps through, he only breaks part of the frame on the outside. However, the wooden "doors" on the window on the inside are still intact, allowing for Rick and Jonathan to shut them.

Corrected entry: Imhotep was mummified (i.e. he had his arms wrapped tightly to his body) and would thus be unable to scratch the inside of his sarcophagus, let alone engrave a message.

Correction: The scarabs poured into his coffin ate away enough of the wrapping to free his arms.

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Corrected entry: The fingernail marks shown on the inside of the coffin look to be somewhat deep. Now I'm not sure what that coffin was made out of, but it appeared to be hard and heavy. So it seems that even if Imhotep's fingernails had been as hard and sharp as knives, he'd have had to be running them methodically over and over the exact same spot to make indentations in the lid. Not what you'd expect from someone clawing frantically.


Correction: The wood appears to be coated with tar or resin - perfectly reasonable for a coffin you didn't want to decay in the ground, releasing the beast inside.

Corrected entry: At the start of the film Imhotep has his tongue cut out, so therefore he should still have no tongue when he is resurrected. Shouldn't this mean he is unable to talk, even in Ancient Egyptian?

Correction: He takes the tongue from the first man he attacks.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The Egyptian Book of the Dead was not a long-lost artifact that there was only one copy of. It was written on papyrus and placed in the tombs of most sacred figures.


Correction: Strictly speaking this may be true, but down that road there is no end to the mistakes. For example, reading the book doesn't actually bring back life to the dead, you don't need a key as in the movie, etcetera.

Corrected entry: Rick throws a stick of dynamite into a niche in the wall where it explodes. In slow motion it can be seen that there are two explosions, the initial one followed by a much larger one.

Correction: Invalid, as per the rules of the site. If slo-mo is necessary, the mistake doesn't count.

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Corrected entry: Towards the end of the fight sequence on the boat, when the Americans join the battle, the Medi with the hook attacks Johnathan. One American turns and unloads his revolver into the Medi (at least eight shots), plus all the firing he was doing earlier without reloading his gun. That's way too many shots to be in a single revolver.

Correction: A revolver is not, nor has it ever been, limited to 6 shots, many revolvers throughout history have been capable of firing 8 rounds, and sometimes more.


Corrected entry: When Imhotep corners Beni against a wall, Beni starts chanting random prayers hoping one would stop Imhotep. When he does and Imhotep says he can be used and the rewards will be great, he pulls out a handful of gold. Where did the gold come from? He's supposed to be a freshly awoken mummy.

Correction: He's a dead man come back to life with incredible evil powers. Who knows what he can or can't make appear?


Corrected entry: The base of the statue of Anubis is inscribed with the cartouche of the Pharaoh Ptolemy V whose reign began in 205 b.c. - 1000 years after the time of Seti I when the statue was supposed to have been carved.

Correction: Study Egyptian history for the answer. Egyptian leaders were forever defacing the monuments of their ancestors, erasing the names of the real builders and adding their own instead. For this reason we don't know much of the history behind many Egyptian monuments, including the Great Pyramid itself.

Corrected entry: On the second day, in the scene with the sarcophagus, when Jonathan uses the key to open the tomb he turns the key to the left to unlock it. However, at the beginning of the movie, when they were putting Imhotep in his tomb, the Medji turned the key to the left to lock it. Furthermore, when Evie opens the Book of the Dead, she turns the key to the right to unlock it.

Correction: It could be a very simple locking mechanism in which a turn in either direction will cause it to lock or unlock. Position one lock, turn either way to unlock, and turn again either way to return to position one.

Corrected entry: When Rick lifts up the sword in the temple when Imhotep is advancing towards him, you hear a metallic sound even though it's on sand.

Correction: A sword being pulled through sand will still make a metallic ringing noise, similar to, but not as loud as, a sword being drawn from a metal scabbard.

Corrected entry: Ancient Egyptian is a lost language. Linguists just assigned sounds to the hieroglyphics. No one should be able to understand Imhotep's native language, only when he speaks Hebrew. While those who are under his spell wouldn't need to know Egyptian and would do the Mummy's will no matter what, Evie *can* understand Imhotep, yet she is not one of his minions.


Correction: Imhotep has some fairly impressive powers so it doesn't seem too far fetched for those around him to be able to understand him. Given that he has selected Evie as his sacrifice, it's not clear what control he may be exerting over her.


Corrected entry: When engulfed in the sandstorm, you see close-ups of the characters in the plane, however, the background is just blue, with a tiny bit of sand flying around. It was obviously done so it would be easier to see the characters, but still a mistake.

Correction: Just like being in a snowstorm, it's not easy to see the individual components be they sand or snow from close-up. It's only from a distance that the overall quantity starts to obscure vision. A more simple example would be that even the dirtiest of glasses do not prevent the wearer from seeing even though everyone else can see how dirty they are.


Corrected entry: When Rick and Jonathan (along with Adbetpai) go to see Winston, they are traveling in their car. In the scene before, they escape through the sewer system. They crashed the car earlier and left it on the other side of town. How did they fix it without the zombies getting them?

Correction: They went back later when the zombies had gone. Once The Mummy had gone, the zombies were no longer under his power and returned to their ordinary lives.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: Something concerning the treasure chamber: since it is illuminated by daylight reflected by the mirrors, there should have been a noticeable opening available for the light to stream in, making the chamber more easily detectable. But it is not until close to the end - after several days of searching - that the treasury is found from within the ruins.

Correction: The mirrors were in place so that the people building/filling the chamber thousands of years ago could see. Once they finished building, they sealed the chamber. Thousands of years later, the chamber is re-opened by our heros who re-use the mirrors.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: During the nighttime fight with the black clad guys, at the ruins, Rick stops them by brandishing a stick of dynamite with a burning fuse. The fuse length is so long that he could have easily been killed and the fuse, safely removed.

Correction: It is explained in the audio commentary that the fight stops not because of the dynamite, but because of an honor between the two men, when Ardeth Bay realizes just how far Rick is willing to go to defend himself and others.

Corrected entry: When Rick opens up his kit-roll on the riverboat prior to the whole shooting-match going up in flames, it contains a lot of heavy-looking weaponry. Yet, when he jumps off the boat into the river, the bag floats. Yes, bags were often lined with cork. However, you can see clearly that no such thing exists with Rick's kit-roll, it is simply a canvas strip with some leather braces to hold the guns in, and as such should sink like a stone.

Correction: Actually Rick puts the bag around his head and arm, so when he jumps out it is really floating while attached to his back.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Imhotep gets mummified alive. In one shot, all of his nose is covered up. In the next shot, if you look carefully, you can notice that his nostrils are uncovered.


Correction: The first shot is when the embalmers first cover his nose with bandages. The next shot is a little while later, as they lower him into his casket. It is both possible and believable that in between these shots they cut holes in the bandage for him to breathe, seeing how they wanted him to be tormented and buried alive. Not much point if he suffocates before the casket lid is put on.


Corrected entry: When Evie discovers Imhotep's body she says he is 'juicy', and thus comes to the conclusion that he was mummified alive. I'm sure that there were more Egyptians buried after Imhotep and would die at the same time he does, because he would only survive a few days after mummification. Therefore he would not still be 'juicy', but dry and brittle.

Correction: In fact in a sealed, buried coffin full of ravenous, carnivorous insects he would survive for a matter of minutes, not days, but that is irrelevant. Imhotep was not really mummified; he was tortured and buried alive. Mummification involved the removal of the viscera and brains and the drying out of the body to the point of desiccation - or total absence of water in the tissues. This is what stops the body putrefying or, as Evie puts it - becoming 'juicy'. Since Imhotep was not mummified his body has decayed in a relatively straightforward manner which Evie recognises.

Corrected entry: On the plane, Ardeth was strapped to the right wing and Jonathan was on the left. In the scene where Imhotep has just created the sand cloud, just after Evelyn says, "You'll kill them." You see the plane's left wing dip, and Ardeth Bay and Jonathan have switched wings. You can tell because Ardeth is in black and Jonathan is in white. Yet, when the plane goes down in the next scene, they are back on the correct wings.


Correction: Wrong. You see the plane in a series of extreme wide shots, and both men are vague shapes silhouetted against the white fuselage of the plane or the sky behind. (This was done so you couldn't see the dummies strapped to the wings.) We also see "back screen" shot of the plane barrel rolling twice, and both men are in their correct positions.

Corrected entry: When the fat guy (along with the others) descends into the mummy preparation area he is no longer wearing his fez (tarboosh) and dirty coat.

Correction: He probably took it off before going down.

Corrected entry: In this film, Evie in particular is seen reading Hieroglyphics from left to right, like normal English, but it was actually written from right to left, similar to Hebrew I believe.

David Mercier

Correction: Hieroglyphs were written left to right, right to left, and sometimes even vertically.

Corrected entry: Imhotep's eyes are brown. The American he attacks after his resurrection has blue eyes. So when Imhotep takes the American's eyes, why aren't his own blue now, even BEFORE he fully re-generates his body?


Correction: Imhotep doesn't use the eyes he takes as his own. Consuming the eyes allows him to regenerate his own eyes.


Corrected entry: When Jonathon has a scarab crawling into his arm, Rick rips Jonathon's shirt and we see that the scarab has reached his shoulder. Rick cuts it out of Jonathon's upper arm, but later when we see Jonathon, he has a bandage on his forearm.

Correction: The bandage on Jonathon's forearm is for the wound made by the scarab burrowing into his arm. He has another bandage around his shoulder.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Imhotep suck all of Burns's life out of him when he had the chance, and not just take his eyes and tongue?


Correction: The Magi claim that they stopped Imhotep during the process, though they do not clarify how. Presumably it was some sort of magic.


Corrected entry: Evie and Jonathan are supposed to be siblings, yet Jonathan speaks with a Scottish accent and Evie doesn't. They don't appear to have been raised apart, so how come they don't have the same accent?

Correction: People can lose accents if they really try. It's quite likely that Evie and Jonathan both had a Scottish accent originally - Evie, wanting to impress the scholars and so on, would have worked hard on speaking 'properly', while Jonathan, who really wouldn't care, wouldn't have bothered trying to lose his natural accent.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Imhotep takes the short sighted American's eyes and tongue. Wouldn't he suffer from the man's poor eyesight as well?

Correction: Taking the American's body parts caused his own to be regenerated. He didn't have the American's eyes and tongue.


Corrected entry: Ancient Egyptians did not have literal "books" like this movie's so-called Book of the Dead. In fact, the Book of the Dead was written on papyrus sheets/scrolls.


Correction: This is more like trivia than a mistake. After all some leniency has to be applied for movie fantasy sake. We have learned a lot about Ancient Egypt but there is tons that we do not know at all with literally hundreds of years lost completely. We can only speculate and guess that they did not use books or "only" used papyrus but the long years of lost Egyptian history leaves a lot to the imagination of the movie makers, thus the Book of the Dead and Living made the way they were to look in the movie. After all, there are no living mummies floating around Egypt either now are there?


Corrected entry: According to Ardeth, the Egyptians took out Imhotep's vital organs and placed them in five sacred canopic jars. How could he then be moving and moaning when they poured the scarab beetles on him and shut the lid?

Correction: It was Anch Su Namoon who had her organs placed into the canopic jars. Imotep was buried alive.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: The pilot is wearing an unidentifiable cap badge (it's certainly not RAF). He is also wearing his pilot's brevet (wings) on his right breast pocket; the RAF, like most air forces, wear their brevets above their left breast pocket. The RAF presence in Egypt was still very much there in the 1920s: there were several stations, not simply one elderly pilot who had been forgotten about.


Correction: The pilot is old and drunk. he doesn't know how to dress. and he means he is the only REAL pilot left (old people seem to believe such things). or maybe he doesn't notice the other pilots.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jonathan has read the commands from the golden book and stops the zombies with the shields from killing O'Connell, the zombies then turn towards Imhotep. He orders them to kill O'Connell. The subtitles say "Destroy him." twice, and then the third time the subtitle says "I command you to destroy him", but Imhotep verbally says the same exact command all three times.



Correction: The third time he says it, he puts more emphasis on some of the words. This could translate to making the command more urgent.

Corrected entry: Through your tongue goes a major blood line, if the tongue is cut you will bleed a lot. The man whose tongue is taken by the mummy is not bleeding at all, which perhaps could be explained by some mummy power. But when Imhotep is being executed they begin by cutting his tongue off and then bandaged him. For one thing the bandage should have been blood-covered but more importantly Imhotep would have suffocated/drowned on his own blood when laid down.

Correction: With regard to the man who has his tongue removed - you've answered your own point. As regards Imhotep - in order to increase and prolong the agony of the dying man, the Egyptians first cut out the tongue and then cauterised the wound with a red hot metal spike. Very unpleasant, and it stopped the victim spoiling the fun by bleeding to death.

Corrected entry: Priests in Egypt had to pluck every hair from their body - yet Imhotep still has eyebrows.


Correction: I can think of a lot of instances where modern priests stray from the basic tenets of their religions. Should things be so different in ancient Egypt? (After all, Imhotep was sleeping with the Pharaoh's mistress - a woman no other man could touch.)

Corrected entry: If the book of Amun-Ra was made out of gold, then there is no way Jonathan or anyone else could have lifted it.


Correction: It is very possible that they could have lifted it. They are even shown to struggle when they lift it, thus adding to the realism.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Magi are paddling their canoes, just before the fire on the boat, you can hear the call of a night bird called a Whip-poor-will (Caprimulgus voviferus). Whip-poor-wills inhabit the Eastern half of the North American Continent, not Egypt.


Correction: The sound is so indistinct that it could have been any one of a hundred birds.

Corrected entry: When Hamunaptra is collapsing in on itself, and they escape from it, you can see rocks as big as mountains coming out of the ground and collapsing onto the city. Rick and company are running like their lives depend on it, yet the camels are sitting there carelessly, not bothered at all, as if things like that were a daily occurrence.


Correction: Having experience riding camels, I can say they probably wouldn't move unless a rock actually came up and hit them.

Corrected entry: When Imhotep is about to kiss Evie and hears the sound of the piano, he turns around and sees a cat. He is terrified and becomes a little whirlwind of sand. Even though that the whirlwind is quite strong the books and papers on the desk aren't even shivering.

Correction: It's a 'ghost' whirlwind, a phantom, a product of black magic and demonic spells. Who knows what physical laws it obeys?

Corrected entry: The Mummy takes a man's eyes, but the man needs glasses for him to see clearly and the mummy can see perfectly well without glasses afterwards.

01:01:25 - 01:04:00

Correction: When Imhotep sucks off body parts to regenerate he gets his old body parts back not the victims. If that were not the case he would have looked like his victims when fully regenerated and not what he used to look like when he was a real man. Therefore he would have no problem seeing when he took Mr Burns eyes.

Corrected entry: When Evy is telling O'Connell about the curse of the Hom-Dai, she mentions that if a victim of the Hom-Dai ever awakened, he would bring with him the ten plagues of Egypt. Then later in the film, Beni is praying to every God imaginable in an attempt to save himself from Imhotep and ends up saying a prayer in Hebrew, which Imhotep understands to be 'the language of the slaves.' The ten plagues took place during the Exodus, so if the slaves had not been freed during Imhotep's lifetime, how could the Egyptians have foreseen the plagues when they wrote about and performed the Hom-Dai?

00:58:50 - 01:07:50

Correction: The ten plagues actually occurred before the Exodus. The final one was the slaying of the Egyptian first-born and the Israelites marked their houses and were to leave Egypt that night. The Egyptians experienced all ten plagues while the Israelites were still slaves in Egypt.

Corrected entry: One of the Americans gets his tongue cut off and his eyes cut out. It is impossible to stay alive when someone cuts your eyes out.

Correction: Really, because I have seen many people who have lost eyes in wars or diseases or other reasons and have lived. Simply because his eyes were cut out does not mean he won't live.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: Where are all the British police and soldiers? Egypt may have been theoretically independent in the 1920s, but it was still dominated by Britain.

Correction: The British soldiers were all over the place. They were wearing white helmets in Cairo. Presumably, after all the people were taken over by Imhotep, the British soldiers either evacuated, were killed, or were among those who were taken over.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Imhotep is reincarnating Anuk-su-Namun, she is positioned with her hands on her chest (like a mummy.) When the spirit re-enters her body, her hands are in the air, shaking. The shot backs-up to take a wide view and show the Mejai. If you look at Anuk-su-Namun, her hands are back on her chest. When the shot goes back to a close of her, her hands are shaking in the air again.

Correction: The special effect of her soul going into her body covered her hands rising in the air and trembling. When she calms down, her hands drape back to her chest. When the soul leaves her, she does the same thing: her hands tremble and she falls dead.

Corrected entry: Even on sand horses can still run a lot faster than camels. The Americans would have won the race to get to the city by a long shot.

Correction: Those horses had traveled a lot more than the camels. They must have been very tired during the race.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rick's team opens the coffin, Evie traces her fingers down the scratches in the lid and notes that they were made by fingernails. However, when Imotep was originally put in the coffin, he was very securely bound in bandages. There is no way he could have made those scratches with his fingernails.

Correction: The scarabs put in with him would have had to have bitten through the bandages to get to him, so once they had got the bandages off him he would have made the scratch marks with his fingernails.

Corrected entry: When Rick and Evelyn are on the boat, and have just come out of the room they have set alight, Evelyn says, 'The map, the map, I've forgotten the map.' Then, in a couple of shots later, we see Rick lean up against a wall, and someone (who I presume is a Med-jai) is shooting at him. Surely, if he was shooting into the wall, the dust wouldn't fly out of the wall, and the wallpaper would bend inwards instead of outwards.

Correction: Rick and Evie are at a corner that turns down a hall that extends away from the camera, and the Med-Jai who is shooting at them is down that hall (firing towards the camera). The bullets are in effect going through two walls - into the wall of that hallway, and punching through the wall next to Rick's head. So the wall would explode outward, towards the camera - in the direction the bullets are travelling.


Corrected entry: Evie loses all her possessions when the boat sinks, but when they first see the mummy alive and Rick is freaking out, he packs all of Evie's things for her including clothes and all her books Where did they come from?


Correction: Eve didn't bring everything she owned in the world with her on the trip into the desert. Once the trio were back in Cairo, where she and Jonathan live, it only makes sense she would have more of her belongings once again.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they go underground, they use mirrors to reflect the sun's light, therefore lighting up the tomb. The mirrors are head height, so walking past one would briefly cut off the light in the rest of the tomb, as the beam of light would not be able to continue, but some how the light does not change.

Correction: The mirrors are larger than a person could completely block off.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film Evie tells us that Imhotep being buried alive with the beetles would have been a slow and horrible death, yet later in the film any death involving the beetles was fast.

Correction: I would guess it's part of the Hohmn-dai (or however its spelled) curse that the beetles would eat Imhotep slowly.

Grumpy Scot

The coffin only have a few scarab tossed in.they would have bred into a multitude and probably half starved it would be quick to eat anyone down to the bones in no time at all.

Corrected entry: As Jonathan, Rick and guy in black enter the gold room, they engage in a mummy fight with Imotep's priests. During the fight they blast the mummy priests to pieces. During the last scenes in the room of gold, what happened to the pieces of the mummy priests - shouldn't they have been scattered all over the path to the stairs? Someone must've been standing by with a broom...

Correction: Beni's death scene shows the tombs are infested by scarabs. Maybe they ate the leftovers.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When the Mummy comes into town and they show his eye, it is blue, but later they are dark brown.

Correction: Maybe the man's eyes he stole were blue and they changed to brown as Imhotep fully assimilated them as his own.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Imhotep is all wrapped up and being placed in his sarcophagus (at the beginning of the movie), we see two holes in his wrappings for the actor inside to breathe.

Correction: The Pharoah's guards wouldn't want Imhotep to suffocate and die before they could finish the curse.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the end, when Evelyn is handcuffed to the table about to be killed, Rick cuts one chain with his sword, then we see him trying to get her loose. A few scenes later, the handcuffs are off her wrists, even though there was never any mention of a key.

Correction: The cuffs could have been secured with a nut and bolt or catch. You couldn't reach them when cuffed, so a key wouldn't be necessary.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the part where Imhotep's priests are chasing the trio in the hall right before they get to the book of Amun-Ra, the guy in black is blasting away with a machine gun. When they reach the room with the statue, Brendan Fraser hands the man in black his shotgun. The machine gun has disappeared.

Correction: Look closely when they run for cover after Rick throws the dynamite. He has the machine gun slung over his shoulder, on his back.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene on the boat, when Jonathan reaches for the key on the floor after fighting the guy in black, you can clearly see that it is the guy in black's hand that grabs the key because he has the black tattoo on the back of his hand. And somehow Jonathon ends up with it.

Correction: It is actually a piece of blue fabric sticking from underneath his sleeve. I think the director, in his commentary, said it was a bandage because John Hannah had hurt his hand earlier.

Corrected entry: Whose organs are in the jars that the Mummy is chasing around? His all seemed to be intact when they stuck him in the sarcophagus, because he was alive, if not particularly happy.

Correction: They were his girlfriend's - he needs them to bring her back to life

Corrected entry: In order to resurrect Ankh-Su-Namun at the end, Imhotep kidnaps Evie. Yet at the beginning he is doing the same ritual, but seems to need no body as a sacrifice. Interestingly, though, as the Magi interrupt his ceremony at the beginning, he does seem about to stab Ankh-Su-Namun with a very large knife, which would make no sense if he's just resurrected her.

Correction: In the beginning, Anck-Su-Namun's organs are fresh, so no sacrifice is needed. He's cutting her to put her organs back inside her. (This is from the Max Allan Collins novel version of the movie.) The reason he needed Evy to resurrect her the second time was because Anck-Su-Namun's organs were destroyed and Evy's organs were fresh and (because she's the woman in the movie besides Anck-Su-Namun) they are the same size.

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Evelyn: You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance.
Beni: They do?



In the scene where Jonathan picks up the scarab, it breaks open and the beetle inside starts to crawl under his skin. We see Brendan Fraser tear Jonathan's shirt and cut the beetle out of him. However, in the very next scene, we see Jonathan walking into the temple, his shirt is intact and there is no blood to be seen.



An explanation for why there is no salt acid booby-trap protecting the gold book like there was protecting the black book. In the missing scene some of Imhotep's priests burst through the floor/ground and attack Jonathan and Rick, who get tossed aside. The priests then open the gold book's hiding place and get burned all up by the salt acid. You can even see when Rick grabs the TNT that there is smoke rising from the hole.