Zombieland (2009)

Ending / spoiler

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Wichita and Little Rock climbed into a thrill ride at an abandoned theme park to escape the zombies. The ride lifts them up to the top of a tower and they manage to jam it so it stays up. Zombies are clawing and climbing to reach them, grabbing their legs and feet. The girls are screaming. It looks like curtains. Tallahassee comes to the rescue with guns blazing and manages to blast away the ooey-gooey creatures with a smug smile on his face. He hates zombies, after all. They enjoy the last Twinkies on earth as they ride away in a 4-wheeler they stole earlier in the film.


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[Columbus sprays Tallahassee with perfume.]
Tallahassee: It's ok. But FYI, I beat wholesale ass for a lot less than that.



When Tallahassee first appears, driving the Escalade, he smashes into a car, which badly dents his "snow plow" (very easy to see). In the next and subsequent shots, it is as nice and straight as before.



The guy at the gas station is also the guy that gets eaten by a zombie whilst on the toliet at the start of the film.