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Corrected entry: When Columbus goes into the first shop he props a fire escape door open saying "rule 22: when in doubt know your way out". This action contradicts his own rules as given the situation he's just given entry to the building to anyone including zombies. This could also be a stupidity.

Correction: Bear in mind the first part of the rule: "When in doubt." He's talking specifically about when you enter a building and you are unsure if zombies are already inside. This doesn't contradict specifically any of Columbus' other rules. He explains that when entering an unknown location, it is best to have a clear exit planned in case you have to flee. In his mind, based on his experience, it is a good idea to leave a door slightly propped so it is easy to open (no door knobs, latches, or anything needed) in case you have to escape quickly. The risk of letting zombies in is outweighed by the benefits of having an easy, quick exit. Once he is certain the building is secure, he would then close the propped door.


Correction: It is very plausible that they're not the first to cross this median, as the road was blocked.

The idea being she called him by the wrong established nickname. It has nothing to with geography. Although it can be debated about whether or not that was intentional by the character or mistake by the actress, calling a character by the wrong name or nickname generally constitutes a movie mistake.


His nickname is Tallahassee because that's where Pacific Playland is located, which is where he was heading. Therefore calling him "Florida" is perfectly fine, because as I said, Tallahassee is the capital of Florida.


Yep. "Florida" would be a broader, more encompassing reference to Tallahassee. As the State Capital, "Tallahassee" is the major representative of Florida or, in this case, the key person of interest. Stated in different terms, the whole [Florida] is equal to the sum of its parts. [And it does have "something to do with geography"!] The other correction posted is also significant: "In the second movie they call Columbus 'Ohio', and Tallahassee 'Florida'."


Correction: It's just a deviation from his nickname. In the second movie they call Columbus "Ohio," and Tallahassee "Florida."

Corrected entry: Bill Murray's mansion is impressive with well maintained gardens and recently mowed lawns. So are the other mansions in his neighborhood. How can this be when the Zombies have been in control for months if not years? The properties should be overgrown.

Bruce Trestrail

Correction: Ohio kid states in the opening scene that it had been exactly two months since the first guy took a bite of a burger that was infected with the virus, and it would have taken time to spread from there.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of a movie on the parking lot, we see Columbus fleeing by car from two zombies. When third zombie emerges on a back seat, Columbus crashes the car in an attempt to get rid of him. The size of a hole in the glass changes in shots, which kind of explains why the thrown zombie couldn't reach back into the car through the hole in the glass he just made by his own body.


Correction: Windshields are made out of a class/plastic "sandwich", after a body goes through a wind shield, the plastic "closes" the hole. Ask any Firefighter/EMS/Officer, the first time you see this you are amazed.

Corrected entry: When Tallahasee is in the booth, he sets out Beretta magazines on the counter, but when shooting is seen holding 1911s.

Ian Hunt

Correction: Actually, he has a 1911 in his right hand and a SIG P226 9mm in his left. He sets down SIG and Colt magazines.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene at Pacific Playland, the 12 year old blows up the control box for the tower of terror ride with her shotgun. A couple of minutes later, Columbus presses a button on said control box. How could he have done this if it had exploded?

Correction: She shorted out the controls for the ride, he hit the safety release which is a physical connection to the pneumatic lines that propel the ride, not an electronic one.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Columbus states that he is making his way from his dorm room in Austin to Columbus. However, in a later flashback, it is obvious he lives in an apartment, not a dormitory.

Correction: Quite a few colleges have on-campus apartment complexes and they still get referred to as dorms.


Corrected entry: In the opening narration, Columbus says that the zombie virus derived from the virus that causes Mad Cow disease. The problem is, Mad Cow disease is caused by prions (pathogenic, misfolded proteins), not viruses. It can't really count as a character mistake because his narration is used to deliver exposition outside of the main story.

Correction: Columbus is also giving information to Joe and Jane Average with this narration. How many people watching are going to have the first clue of what a prion or prokaryote or eukaryote or bacillus is? Everyone's heard of a virus, so there you go.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: Tallahassee's weapon stays the same. It's a shortened Winchester 1892 rifle nicknamed a "Mare's Leg". It might look double barrel at a glance because of the tubular magazine under the barrel.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The electricity seems to be working in many of the places shown in the movie, despite the fact that two months have passed since Z day. For example, in the first scene the lights in the gas station car park are all blazing. Surely by this point the grid would have stopped working and any emergency generators would have run out of fuel.

Correction: Many power stations are unmanned and would continue to produce electricity past two months.


Correction: They (poorly) explain this in the second movie. "As long as it keeps raining, the dams keep giving us power." It's also a comedic zombie movie, and they make fun of how dumb people try to survive zombie movies.

Corrected entry: When Witchita and Little Rock are on the "Swinging Ship" ride at Pacific Playland, how exactly did they start the ride once they were on it? Even if they rigged it, how in the world did they stop it to get off? These types of rides require an operator at the controls to start and stop the ride.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: It is a timed ride that stops on its own after a set amount of time, an operator is not required to stop it. As for starting it, the Swinging Ship ride takes a while to build up momentum. Little Rock is much smaller than her sister, she could easily press the start button, then hop on the ride and slide under the restraining bar.

BocaDavie Premium member

I'm watching it right now and that was my exact question!

Corrected entry: In the very first scene, when the camera turns around, for a brief second, a shot of a roundabout is visible with a sign pointing left, if in America the sign would be pointing right.

Correction: It's not a roundabout, it looks like a sign directing traffic out of a parking lot. This scene was filmed in a parking lot in Georgia, so it makes sense to have signs directing traffic.

Correction: It is a British roundabout sign, with a British keep left sign and slightly out of focus there are two green signs, also British and it looks as though there is a brown 'place of interest' site on the sign too. These are usually on signs for castles, zoos, theme parks etc. It's always bothered me as they are definitely British road signs which make no sense being there.

Corrected entry: Bill Murray says that he still golfs - in fact he just played nine holes at Riviera. It has apparently been two months since the zombies took over America. A golf course - especially a professional quality one such as Riviera - would become difficult to play (particularly to putt) after only a few days without the grass being cut and watered. After a couple weeks or so it would be unplayable as all the grass everywhere would be either dead from lack of water or several inches long.

Correction: Though it may be difficult you can still play golf on a dried or overgrown grass. he never said he plays well.


Corrected entry: In the scene when they get some 1997 wine and are talking about 1997 she said she saw her first rated R movie in the theatre and that movie being Anaconda. Anaconda is pg-13.Exact quote. "I saw my first R rated movie that year.Yeah,Anaconda." (00:59:35)


Correction: It had been 12 years since that movie came out by that point, Wichita would have been a young girl at the time. It's understandable to mistake facts given the passage of time.

Corrected entry: When Little Rock and Wichita go to the amusement park, they leave the mansion in the morning, and arrive when it is dark. However, when Tallahassee and Columbus go after them, they leave in darkness, and arrive in darkness. The girls are still on the ride when they arrive.

Correction: There's no reason why Wichita and Little Rock couldn't have stopped on the way, for food or a rest, or anything, really. Once clear of Columbus and Tallahassee, they could've easily taking their time getting to Pacific Playland, whilst Columbus and Tallahassee would've sped there as fast as humanly possible.

Corrected entry: When Tallahassee goes to the supermarket hoping to find a Twinkies, he uses a banjo to lure and kill a zombie. However, in the next shot he is seen using a metal baseball bat, with no sign of dropping the banjo. The banjo is not seen on the floor in any shots after it disappears.

Correction: He actually throws down the banjo and they proceed through the supermarket, meaning the banjo would be lying in a completely different part of the supermarket. You also see him bring the baseball bat as they leave the van, meaning he would be carrying it as well. He switched weapons after killing the first zombie with the banjo, as the banjo was destroyed slamming the zombie.

Corrected entry: In the opening scenes, when Columbus is telling his rules and is shown been chased by two zombies, he runs to his car, drops his keys and continues running (I.E. Cardio). He comes back to his car and opens the door, then drives off and a zombie who was quietly lying down in the back seat attacks him. This is obviously added for shock value, as we see no car damage to show the zombie forced its way in and since zombies are full of rage, we are expected to believe it could calmly sit and wait for the driver.


Correction: Columbus also tells the audience that the zombies seemed to get smarter, catching people when they were most vulnerable, ie in the john. One crawling into his car and waiting for him to get in would fall neatly into this category.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: Tallahassee is a city in Florida. It's simply a nickname.

Brad Premium member

Plot hole: With people around the world turned into zombies, there is no way to maintain power plants, thus no lights should be lit, not to mention the functionality of an amusement park.


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[Columbus sprays Tallahassee with perfume.]
Tallahassee: It's ok. But FYI, I beat wholesale ass for a lot less than that.

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Trivia: The guy at the gas station is also the guy that gets eaten by a zombie whilst on the toliet at the start of the film.


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Question: If the character's nicknames (Columbus, Tallahassee, etc) come from their destinations, how come Witchita & Little Rock have different names, when they're sisters and are coming from - and heading to - the same place?

Answer: The names come from their hometowns, not their destinations. Witchita is much older than Little Rock; she could have spent the majority of her childhood in Witchita before her family moved to Little Rock where her sister was born. She still considers Witchita to be her "hometown".

Phixius Premium member

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