Corrected entry: When 5 loses the map in the dust storm, it blows away. Later, when 7 notices the map, it is on a stick that is stabbed to the ground. The wind wouldn't have been able to do that to the map, and none of the other numbers would have put the map onto the stick.

Correction: Wind does not only travel sideways. Updrafts and downdrafts happen (the latter of which have been blamed for planes crashing to ground). There's no logical reason why a good wind can't slap a piece of paper onto the end of a vertical stick.


Corrected entry: Before the Seamstress is attacking, there was a quick shot of 8. His mouth was sewed so he couldn't scream for help. Why didn't the Seamstress sew 1's mouth closed?

Correction: This is a question, not a mistake.


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1: Sometimes one must be sacrificed.



When 9 created the "torch" from a light bulb, it needed to be turned to work. However, when 3 and 4 investigate the bulb one of them simply puts it in and it starts glowing without being screwed.



1 tells 9 that he led the others to their current hideout, which he refers to as "sanctuary". The building happens to be Notre Dame church, famously referred to "sanctuary" in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."