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1: Sometimes one must be sacrificed.

1: Sometimes fear is the appropriate response.

6: Go back... to the source.

Scientist: We had such potential. Such promise. But we squandered our gifts. And so,9, I am creating you. Our world is ending. Life must go on.

5: 7?
2: I don't believe it!
5: You came back!
7: I never left. You finally decided to join the fight.

5: You remind me of him. You forget to remember to be afraid.

9: Why do you listen to 1?
5: A group must have a leader.
9: But what if he's wrong?

Scientist: 9, you shall protect the future.

1: When we awoke in this world, it was chaos. Man and machine attacked each other with fire and metal. I lead us here to sanctuary and here we waited out the war. Slowly, the world grew still until all that remained, was The Beast. Now we wait for it too to sleep.
9: But where did it come from? Why is it hunting us?
1: Questions like that are pointless.

1: You're just like 2! He was always probing, always asking questions! Useless!
9: I was right; you DID send 2 out to die!
1: He was old! He was WEAK!

7: We... Awakened something.
9: No, I awakened something. Something terrible.

7: What happens next?
9: I'm not sure. But this world is ours now. It's what we make of it.

Continuity mistake: When 9 created the "torch" from a light bulb, it needed to be turned to work. However, when 3 and 4 investigate the bulb one of them simply puts it in and it starts glowing without being screwed.

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Trivia: 1 tells 9 that he led the others to their current hideout, which he refers to as "sanctuary". The building happens to be Notre Dame church, famously referred to "sanctuary" in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

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