The Mask of Zorro

Other mistake: Later in the movie, when Alejandro is getting his horse, he lights the cannon. Then he throws the torch down and it lights the powder. He picks up the keg of powder and runs out the door. As he is running, you can see that there is already a line of powder on the ground that he is running over. (00:51:35)

Continuity mistake: When Antonio Banderas is finally proficient at swordsmanship, he knocks Anthony Hopkins' sword out of his hand and catches it. He then laughs and throws it back pointing downwards, but when Anthony Hopkins catches it, it's pointing upwards. (00:41:00)

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Revealing mistake: When Alejandro cuts off the shoulder of Elena's dress during their sword fight, the dress dips below Elena's nipple, and we can see a pastie covering it.

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Revealing mistake: When Elena is rescuing the people near the end and shoots the lock off a door, you can see the lock fall open before the squibs go off, in other words it breaks first then gets "hit" by the shot. (01:59:15)


Factual error: The film takes place during the 1840s and features an American Army officer, Capt. Love. The western style hat that Love wears with the crossed swords insignia of the infantry was not used by the US Army until the American Civil War, twenty years later. During the time period of the film, US Army officers wore a soft cap with a bill in front.

Continuity mistake: In the same part, he is now standing on top of the wall. Zorro takes out his whip and wraps it around the tree limb and swings over to the other part of the wall. When he lands on the wall, he takes off running, letting go of the whip. When the camera returns to him running on the wall, he has a new whip, all rolled up in his hand. (00:08:05)

Factual error: Captain Love's revolver is a Colt Buntline. This model wasn't released until 1876. The movie is set in 1841. He should have been using a Colt Paterson, which was invented in 1836.

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Suggested correction: The pistol that Captain Love is using IS the Colt Paterson. You can see this by going to timestamp 1:58:17. If you look at the profile of the weapon in his hand and compare it to pictures of the Colt Paterson, you can see it is a Colt Paterson. The Colt Buntline does not have the same profile.


Other mistake: In the ending shots, when the hoist is bringing up the last of the gold to the wagon, why is the wagon covered up if they still have gold to put in it? (01:52:40)

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Continuity mistake: Later in the movie when Alejandro is in the cantina, he has a little scuffle with Diego. When Diego knocks him over to the wall, he knocks over what looks like stalks of corn rolled up in a bundle into the doorway. In the next shot, the corn stalks are standing again. (00:35:30)

Continuity mistake: When Love is stabbed, there's no blood on the sword, but later there is. It couldn't have dripped down, since it's only at the end of the sword.


Continuity mistake: When Love is stabbed, the sword isn't sideways, but in the very next shot, it is.


Continuity mistake: When the dons are all in the mine and looking at the large amount of gold while Rafael is laying out his plan to buy the land with the gold that he mined there, you see Antonia Banderas standing among the dons with Love behind and to the left of him. But, moments later, you see him turn his head and look over his shoulder at Antonio, having not been able to move in that short amount of time, having to push through a few of the dons to get there.

Elena: I have broken the fourth commandment.
Alejandro: You killed someone?
Elena: No, that is not the fourth commandment.
Alejandra: Of course not.

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Trivia: Catherine Zeta Jones, after her fight with Zorro, her dress rips off. She turns around to grab the hat and you can see her nipple for one frame.

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Question: Why was Montero looking for Zorro in the prison?


Answer: Zorro was the one person he feared, and wanted to make sure that he was dead or broken and hadn't escaped during his exile.

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