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Corrected entry: There would be no movie if Rafael had just killed Diego. He could have even just left instructions to the jailer that his newest prisoner is the famous Zorro himself. Maybe keep him in solitary confinement forever.

Correction: Rafael explicitly told Diego that he wanted him to live and suffer with the knowledge that he has lost everything that he holds dear, including his daughter.

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Typical villain mistake.

Only in hindsight. Diego was locked up for 20 years all the while Don Rafael was sitting pretty, and it was sheer luck that an opportunity presented itself for Diego to escape. None of this qualifies as a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: When Zorro (Anthony Hopkins) confronts Don Rafael, he tells him to call Elena. When she comes in, she says "Alejandro, what is this?", or something similar. However, she thinks Anthony Hopkins' character is named Bernardo at this time.

Correction: She says, quite clearly, "Bernardo, what are you doing?"

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Don Rafael Montero is visiting the prison to find Zorro, he holds a napkin in front of his mouth to avoid the smell and the possibility of contamination. When he turns to the man who we know is the real Zorro, he lifts Zorro's head up with the napkin and then a few moments later, he puts the napkin back to his own mouth. Wouldn't that basically be destroying the whole point of the using a napkin? Very unhigienic. (00:26:05)

Correction: No, the whole point with the handkerchief is, as you say, to avoid the smell of dozens of people who have been locked up for a long time. He is not very concerned with their germs, and very little of don Diego's smell rubs of on the handkerchief (at least, very little when compared to his surroundings!), so he can still use it to block out the stink.


Corrected entry: In the ending shots, when Elana is running to save the people from the explosion, she jumps over the primer cord. Why didn't she just stop the fuse there? (02:02:10)

Correction: She may not have seen it, or she may not have known that it was the ONLY fuse burning and didn't want to waste time looking for others.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when Captain Love jumps off his horse to cut the fuse, look at his horse's saddle. It appears to be some kind of modern leopard-skin print. I don't think they had leopards in California. (01:56:00)

Correction: No they didn't have leopards; but at that time, jaguars could still be found in that area, and their coats appear similar to a leopard's. And even if this wasn't the case, it could have been an imported hide.

Jaguar used to be found all around the southwestern United States. They're all extinct now.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Antonio Banderas is fighting Catherine Zeta-Jones, he cuts her dress and it falls off. With the corset she's wearing, there is no way he could have caused it to fall down with just a few cuts. It took women back then a good hour plus some assistance to get those things properly laced up. (01:39:10)

Correction: It took women a really long time to get in them because there are a lot of lacings. However, you could easily cut these lacings and cause it to fall. I went and looked at the corset I own and it could easily be cut loose.

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Corrected entry: When Zorro kicks Captain Love down the dirt path to the heater room, if you look carefully, it is that the captain loses his sword and it lays on the ground behind him. The next time it shows him, he has it again.

Correction: There is a metal bar on the ground, but it's not his sword - pause shows that he still has that in his right hand.


Correction: It was the scabbard to his sword.

Corrected entry: When Antonio is fighting Catherine, her hair is not in the right position to cover her boobs but when he cuts her dress off it is.

Correction: At first, her hair is twisted over her right shoulder. It works loose during the fight; some falls over her left shoulder when she attacks Antonio in the straw and spreads relatively evenly.


Corrected entry: Realising that the map to the mine is missing, Captain Love calls for the guards and turns right into Zorro's sword. Zorro takes the gun from Captain Love's holster and places it behind him on a table. Shots after this show that the gun has vanished.

Correction: The gun is actually dropped on the floor, next to the table. You can see it in the next few shots.

Corrected entry: A slight gramatical erro that realy applies to all "Zorro" films. Zorro is Spanish for Fox, so the litteral translation of the title is "The Mask of Fox", which doesn't sound quite right. Surely such a notorious outlaw would more likely be El Zorro (The Fox) leading to "The Mask of The Fox" which sounds better.

Correction: But, remember, Zorro is the guy's name. Not every hero (or person) uses "The" in their name. For example, you don't say The Spider-man. It's just Spider-man.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, when Zorro comes to the rescue of the three men tied up, he is in a sword fight. We don't see any of the guards cut him in the left arm. While he is sword playing on top of the hangman's platform, the left arm is not cut. But when he falls through the trap door, he now has the cut on the left arm. (00:06:25)

Correction: It's possible he got the scratch from the trapdoor itself, as he went down.

Correction: In the widescreen version, just as Zorro is about to fall through the trap door, a soldier comes up and hits Zorro's arm with a sword.

Corrected entry: When Catherine Zeta Jones is in the confessional she says that she "broke the 4th commandment". When asked how she broke the most sacred commandment, she replies "I dishonoured my father." "Honour thy Father and thy Mother" is the 5th Commandment, not the 4th.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Captain Love and Antonio Banderas (as Zorro) meet in the hallway of the hacienda, two guards rush down the hallway and drop their rifles and swords. Zorro asks them to bend over and then proceed to kick/nudge them out the window. If you watch carefully, you'll notice that the guard on the right (furthest from Zorro) reacts to the kick too early. (01:33:30)

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Elena: I have broken the fourth commandment.
Alejandro: You killed somebody?
Elena: No, that is not the fourth commandment.
Alejandro: Of course not! In what way did you break the most sacred of commandments?

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Trivia: Joaquin Murrieta Orozco actually existed. He was a bandit in the old Spanish California during the Gold Fever; chased by a Texan called Harry Love in 1853. When he was trapped with another bandit, "three fingers Jack", both were decapitated and their heads exhibited in glass jars.

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Question: Who sang the closing song and what are the lyrics?

Answer: Marc Antony and Tina Arena sang it. Lyrics at


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