The Mask of Zorro
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Captain Love: It's just one man.
Don Rafael Montero: It isn't just one man, dammit! It's Zorro!

Three Finger Jack: Hey, basura! Up here! Well ain't you a sight for sore eyes. Full grown vultures walking around like real folk. Welcome! Welcome to Hell's outhouse! Now they call us the disappeared once but as you can see we ain't exactly disappeared. We've just been a little hard to find.
Captain Love: You. I know you.
Three Finger Jack: You bet you do, peckerwood! I'm the legendary Three Finger Jack and you are a bunch of murdering trash dressed up in fancy sweet smelling doodads!
Captain Love: Ignore him gentlemen. He's a common thief.
Three Finger Jack: Hah! As common as they come, but I ain't nothing to you "gentlemen." I steal gold. I steal money, but you... You steal people's lives. So damn you, and damn the whores that brung you!

Elena: I have broken the fourth commandment.
Alejandro: You killed somebody?
Elena: No, that is not the fourth commandment.
Alejandro: Of course not! In what way did you break the most sacred of commandments?

Fray Felipe: This is the house of God.
Captain Harrison Love: Don't worry Padre, we'll be gone before he gets back.

Diego: You're a thief, Alejandro. A pitiful clown. Zorro was a servant of the people, not a seeker of fame like you. Buffoon.

Diego: Is it finished?
Alejandro: Yes, Don Diego. It is finished.
Diego: Not for Zorro. There will be other days, other battles to fight. That is your curse and your destiny.

Diego: Your brother is dead! We lose the ones we love. We cannot change it. Put it aside.

Alejandro Murrieta: So, how much are we worth?
Three-Fingered Jack: Uh, all told... about two hundred pesos?
Joaquin Murrieta: That's it? After all the payrolls we've robbed, a lousy two hundred pesos apiece, that's all we're worth?
Cpl. Armando Garcia: We're wasting time.
Three-Fingered Jack: Now that's two hundred pesos for the both of you.
Alejandro Murrieta: What? Are you crazy? Don't take it, Jack.

Captain Harrison Love: Are you all right?
Don Rafael Montero: Do you have the map?
Captain Harrison Love: We'll find it.
Don Rafael Montero: Is your army ready to fight Santa Anna's?
Captain Harrison Love: No, sir.
Don Rafael Montero: Then why are you asking me if I'm all right? Of course I'm not all right.

Don Diego de la Vega: There is a saying, a very old saying: when the pupil is ready the master will appear.

Don Rafael Montero: You know, I'm starting to wonder if you really want this operation to succeed at all, Captain.
Captain Harrison Love: What are you saying?
Don Rafael Montero: What I am saying, Captain, is that I think my horse could run this army better than you.

Alejandro Murrieta: All that shooting guns, racing around on horses - gives me a frightful headache. It's hardly the work of a gentleman.
Elena: What is? Climbing in and out of carriages?
Alejandro Murrieta: No, but increasing one's holdings so as to provide comfort to ladies. Such as yourself.

Other mistake: Near the end of the film there is a stand-off, if you look in the sky an aeroplane flies by.

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Trivia: Joaquin Murrieta Orozco actually existed. He was a bandit in the old Spanish California during the Gold Fever; chased by a Texan called Harry Love in 1853. When he was trapped with another bandit, "three fingers Jack", both were decapitated and their heads exhibited in glass jars.

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Answer: He recognized that Bernardo was really Diego de la Vega and he realized that the young Zorro he had seen earlier could not have been Don Diego. He then deduced that the new Zorro looked similar to Don Alejandro (and was probably warned by Captain Love that Don Alejandro was hiding someting) and made the decision.

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