The Mask of Zorro

Continuity mistake: When Alejandro and Captain Love are fighting on the gold lift, Alejandro punches the sword out of Captain Love's hand. He grabs it and stabs it through him. When it shows the top view of the sword stuck in Captain Love, hit the pause button. Look at the sword blade going through Captain Love's stomach.Then look at the other end of the blade going out of his back. They are at different places in him. (02:03:00)

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, after the big fight scene, Zorro rides up the steps on his horse and behind him you can see that the sun is setting, which means it should be early evening. But whenever it shows the boys, the light on them and the landscape makes it appear to be mid-day. (00:09:25)

Continuity mistake: During the Banderas/Zeta Jones fencing sequence, right after he kisses her the first time, we see a shot from behind her and her shoulder is bare. The shots before and after have it covered, with the fabric tight to her so it couldn't slip off. He slices the fabric off in the next shot. (01:38:15)

Continuity mistake: Don Rafael's hair keeps changing from being curled to straight when Zorro (Antonio Banderas) first appears before him.

Continuity mistake: Later in the movie, when Alejandro is now Zorro and in the house confronting Captain Love by drooping in behind him. Watch the tip of the sword as it moves to a different location on the Captain's uniform. (01:32:55)

Continuity mistake: When in the cantina, at the time the corn stalks disappear, Zorro knocks the sword out of Alejandro's hand. The sword seems to fly back behind him. In the next shot, Zorro catches the sword because it is now falling straight from the sky. (00:35:40)

Continuity mistake: After don Rafael show the other dons the map of an independent California, a close-up shot of Alejandro shows him putting his cane under his arm. The next shot, a wider view, shows him doing it again.

Continuity mistake: When Antonio Banderas is finally proficient at swordsmanship, he knocks Anthony Hopkins' sword out of his hand and catches it. He then laughs and throws it back pointing downwards, but when Anthony Hopkins catches it, it's pointing upwards. (00:41:00)

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Continuity mistake: In the same part, he is now standing on top of the wall. Zorro takes out his whip and wraps it around the tree limb and swings over to the other part of the wall. When he lands on the wall, he takes off running, letting go of the whip. When the camera returns to him running on the wall, he has a new whip, all rolled up in his hand. (00:08:05)

Continuity mistake: Later in the movie when Alejandro is in the cantina, he has a little scuffle with Zorro. When Zorro knocks him over to the wall, he knocks over what looks like stalks of corn rolled up in a bundle into the doorway. In the next shot, when Alejandro moves into the doorway, the bundle of hay is gone. (00:35:30)

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Captain Love and Antonio Banderas (as Zorro) meet in the hallway of the hacienda, two guards rush down the hallway and drop their rifles and swords. Zorro asks them to bend over and then proceed to kick/nudge them out the window. If you watch carefully, you'll notice that the guard on the right (furthest from Zorro) reacts to the kick too early. (01:33:30)

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Captain Harrison Love: Are you all right?
Don Rafael Montero: Do you have the map?
Captain Harrison Love: We'll find it.
Don Rafael Montero: Is your army ready to fight Santa Anna's?
Captain Harrison Love: No, sir.
Don Rafael Montero: Then why are you asking me if I'm all right? Of course I'm not all right.

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Trivia: Catherine Zeta Jones, after her fight with Zorro, her dress rips off. She turns around to grab the hat and you can see her nipple for one frame.

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