G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Continuity mistake: When Ripcord is chasing missiles in the Night Raven, we see a computer screen showing the trajectories of the 3 missiles and Night Raven. But the first missile was shot down immediately after launch (a long time before Night Raven took off). Even though the display reads 'Signal lost' the missile did definitely not get that high. (01:29:15)

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Revealing mistake: In the scenes at the base on the surface of the ice, the breath of the actors is visibly CGI and not natural. (01:13:30)

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Revealing mistake: When Storm Shadow is stabbed at the end of his fight with Snake Eyes, watch closely as he pulls the blade out before falling. You can see that he has two slices/cuts on his right shoulder. The cut on top is a rather realistic-looking prosthetic, but the cut underneath looks incredibly fake. It's just regular red and purple makeup that was "drawn on" to his shoulder in the shape of a cut and touched up with a small amount of fake-blood. It stands out against all of the other cuts, which are are convincing prosthetic "cuts."

Other mistake: Duke is standing right outside the bunker when it is blown up by the air bombs. He flies backwards, but gets up with only a few cuts in the face. Not very potent aerial bombs. More like hand grenades. (00:50:30)

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Continuity mistake: In the final scene when the planes take off from the underground base in the dessert, the distance between the 'roof' holes does not match between the shot when seen from below and from above. From below the holes are quite close, (compared to the size of the holes), but from above they are quite far apart.

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Continuity mistake: Right after the missiles are fired, three of the good guys run to the missile tube carrying rappelling ropes. Not a whole lot - maybe 50 meters, or 100 meters at max! But when you look down the missile tube - it is DEEP. Nevertheless they have just the right amount of rope to reach the bottom. (01:25:05)

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Continuity mistake: During the chase in Paris, Ana's glasses change from dark to regular several times. (00:54:35)

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Trivia: In the scene where Ripcord and Duke are in the transport and Ripcord pats Heavy Duty on the back and gets his arm twisted as a result, Ripcord makes a crack about Heavy Duty having a "Kung Fu Grip". This refers to some of the earliest G.I. Joe's action figures who were advertised to have the Kung Fu Grip.


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Question: In the flashback scene of Rex entering the secret facility, what was he looking at on all of the computer screens and why would he use them later on after he faked his death?

Answer: He was seeing some of the first footage of experiments with the Nanobots by Dr. Mindbender. And the whole plot of the movie is about him using them weaponized and for replacing the president.

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