G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Movie Quote Quiz

Heavy Duty: Yo Joe!

Breaker: [about Snake Eyes.] He doesn't talk.
Duke: Why?
Breaker: He doesn't say.

General Hawk: Deploy the SHARKS!

Zartan: American politics. Governors, senators, congressmen... No wonder nothing ever gets done.
Destro: That's what we're going to fix, Mr. Zartan.

The Baroness: That redhead is starting to piss me off!

Storm Shadow: I said I'd kill him if he touched you again.
The Baroness: I heard you the first time.

Destro: When I'm finished, this world will never forget.

Destro: What'd you say your unit was called?
General Hawk: I didn't.

Duke: Technically, we don't exist. We answer to no one. And when all else fails, we don't.

Breaker: Thousands of miles across and ten stories thick, locating McCullen's base will be like finding a needle in a coal mine.
Ripcord: Haystack.
Breaker: Oh, right. Haystack in a coal mine.

Heavy Duty: What you see before you are Delta-6 accelerator suits...
Ripcord: What do they accelerate?
Heavy Duty: You.

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