G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Character mistake: Scarlett says that since McCullen is from Scotland, he speaks Celtic. Celtic is a group of languages, not a language unto itself (something a genius like Scarlett would most likely know); it would be like saying someone speaks Semitic or Germanic. McCullen would probably speak Scots or Scottish Gaelic, the official languages used in Scotland.

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Suggested correction: Scarlett certainly took this into account when she suggested the words for Ripcord to speak. Scottish Gaelic is a Celtic language so Scarlett was still correct, she was just simplifying for expediency.

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No she wasn't correct. There is no such language as "celtic."

Character mistake: Stormshadow is a Japanese American, but in Snake-Eyes's flashback set in Tokyo, Japan 20 years earlier, Stormshadow calls out "Do dook nom ee dah," which is Korean translated to "Thief!" when he spots Snake-Eyes. (00:43:25)

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Suggested correction: Traditionally Stormshadow is Japanese American. In this film he is played as a child by Brandon Soo Hoo (a Chinese/American actor) and as an adult by Byung-Hun Lee (a Korean actor). Although it is never stated, it is clear based on the fact that the young actor speaks Korean and as an adult is played by a famous Korean actor, Stormshadow in this film is intended to be of Korean heritage.


Plot hole: The super warriors that are given the venom are supposed to be fearless and without self preservation. However, during the scene in the Sahara base when they are helping to get the warheads back from the Joes, one of those men screams out in fear as he falls down the shaft, which makes no sense as the one guy did not scream in frustration when he was bitten earlier by the deadly snake and knew he would die. (00:40:20)


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Breaker: [about Snake Eyes.] He doesn't talk.
Duke: Why?
Breaker: He doesn't say.

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Question: In the flashback scene of Rex entering the secret facility, what was he looking at on all of the computer screens and why would he use them later on after he faked his death?

Answer: He was seeing some of the first footage of experiments with the Nanobots by Dr. Mindbender. And the whole plot of the movie is about him using them weaponized and for replacing the president.

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