G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Other mistake: When Ripcord flies the black jet toward the White House, he decides to ascend to the atmosphere to rid the craft of the nanomites. As he flies toward the lawn and up the air, he narrowly misses hitting the balcony, where an agent shields himself with his arms from the jet. At such a close distance and at that incredibly fast speed, the agent would have been pulled in by the jet's wake and thrown up in the air. (01:39:45)

Allister Cooper, 2011

Other mistake: When Duke and Ripcord first start training, the "fired" amount doesn't match the "missed" plus "hit" total. It's always 2 off, and it's not due to any delay because each hit or miss is recorded at the same time a fired is recorded.


Other mistake: The train hits the Hummer in its back right corner, yet in spite of this, the Hummer still manages to get launched perfectly straight into the air. The hit from the train should have meant the Hummer was at least spinning sideways in the air as it was launched. (01:00:30)


Other mistake: Duke is standing right outside the bunker when it is blown up by the air bombs. He flies backwards, but gets up with only a few cuts in the face. Not very potent aerial bombs. More like hand grenades. (00:50:30)

Jacob La Cour

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