Mad Max 2

Continuity mistake: After the Golden Youth is killed by the boomerang his forehead shows the wound right across his head, but when the gang leave the body is dragged round and the would to the forehead is missing.

Continuity mistake: When Max walks over to the auto gyro, from the overhead shot there is only one set of footprints in the sand leading away and the rest of the sand looks like it's been raked, then when the Gyro Captain appears the sand is covered in footprints.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene where Max is behind the landau just about to crash it (by activating the supercharger), the interceptor's custom front-end is already destroyed. Then Max accelerates the car and the custom front-end is intact again, to finally be destroyed in the crash.

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Continuity mistake: While watching the Humongous and his horde leave the compound, the Gyro Captain is wiping his mouth, and puts his hankie away. When the camera faces him, he repeats pulling out the hankie, and wipes his mouth again.

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Continuity mistake: After the Warrior Woman is shot in the stomach, she starts to fall over the side. In the close up, the left corner of her mouth is clean. As she settles on the side, there's a trickle of blood going down toward the left side of her chin. Impossible, as the wind would have smeared it along the cheek.

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Continuity mistake: As the paraplegic warrior pats at the flames on his legs, the arrow he was shot with is missing, and back in the close up of him looking at his now on-fire hands.

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Continuity mistake: Using slow motion, it can be seen that after Toady realizes what the burning fuse is for, and the explosion occurs, his hat is blown off, and he starts to shield his face with his arms. After the cut, the figure that gets blown apart has the hat on, the legs below the knees are at wrong angles, and it's facing into the explosion rather than being turned a quarter way around.

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Continuity mistake: When the goon led by Wez are chasing Max, the driver turns on the nitrous oxygen with the right hand. Later, the Humongous uses the same gear, only on the left. Using freeze frame, you can see the lettering on the bottle is reversed. Two set-ups on the same rig?

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Continuity mistake: When Max leaves the compound after fulfilling the contract, it's very early daybreak. After he cranks up the blower, it's suddenly broad daylight.

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Continuity mistake: After Max gets the semi running, the Gyro captain starts protest about being left behind. As he does, he goes from about six feet from the truck to about a foot away between cuts.

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Continuity mistake: The arrow in Wez's arm changes angles between shots.

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Continuity mistake: In the opening chase when Wez gets hit with the crossbow bolt and the bike goes off to the right of the screen, at this point the rider (Wez) is wearing sunglasses - in the rest of the chase he does not wear sunglasses.

Continuity mistake: During the opening chase we go inside the chasing car, and the passenger points a gun out the window and the hand is bare. Next shot is looking into the car, and the same person is now wearing a glove, holding the same gun in the same position.

Continuity mistake: When Wez gets shot by the crossbow bolt in the opening chase, the bolt should be from left to right feathered end then point through his arm, but when he pulls it out the bolt is from right to left feathered end, then point - it's round the wrong way.

Continuity mistake: When Max reverses the interceptor at the end of the opening chase the front wheels are straight. When he runs back to the truck the front wheels are now turned to the right and the side of the car is a lot cleaner.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the opening chase the landau rolls and Max skids to a stop as he passes the truck. Look at the cab - it is facing down the road, but when Max gets out the cab is now facing across the road in front of the skid marks the car has just made, indicating that the interceptor should have gone through the truck.

Continuity mistake: In the final chase scene, Lord Humungus' clothing keeps changing (in fact it's clear that the actor playing him is switching). He switches between bear arms, to wearing a sort of fur vest, to a full length sleeve shirt under the vest. (01:20:00 - 01:29:00)

Continuity mistake: The amount of dirt on the interceptor and engine blower changes throughout the opening chase scene from very dirty to clean on close up shots, and dirty again on the sides.

Continuity mistake: When Max is first trying to get the semi to start up, the Gyro Copter is parked right where the big yellow Mundi Mundi Lookout sign was from the opening chase scene.


Continuity mistake: As Max runs up to the bus to man the flamethrower, note the Warrior Woman on top of the bus and the gang member standing in front of the bus door. Before, from inside the bus, they had shown the Warrior Women jumping down and slitting that gang member's throat.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Wez rips the door off the tanker you can see a crouched crew member next to Max. This has been disputed but it is there, watch underneath the steering wheel just after Wez starts shouting "Go! Go! Go!". (01:19:05)

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The Gyro Captain: No! It's my snake, I trained it, I'm going to eat it! I got a recipe for snake. Delicious. Fricassee of reptile. You are what you eat.

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Trivia: When Max opens the Semi's door, a dead body falls out. This body is actually the same "eye popping" dummy that was used at the end of Mad Max 1.

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