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Corrected entry: In the INGEN boardroom scene, cut from the film, when Peter Ludlow is talking about the cost of Jurassic Park, the deconstruction of it, and the settlements made to the famillies of the 3 dead people, he says that they paid millions to the family of John Arnold (played by Samuel L. Jackson). But John wasn't his name, it was Ray.

Correction: In Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, the book the movie is based on, his name is John. His name could have been John Raymond Arnold, and he went by Ray.

Corrected entry: When the T-Rex is destroying San Diego, it bites a street sign that reads "Cedar". In fact, there is no Cedar Street in San Diego.

Correction: A quick search on Mapquest proves that yes, there IS a Cedar Street in San Diego.

Corrected entry: After the trailers are knocked over Nick is trying to force open a door and Malcolm comes over to help. After pushing a little Malcom hits the door with his foot, if you slow the scene down and go frame by frame you see that Malcolm's foot also hits a few of Nicks fingers, the actor pulls his hand away and then places it back on the door. (00:55:10)

Correction: This is not a mistake. Just because it's a movie doesn't mean the Character's movements need to be perfect.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, they said three people died in the first incident (Jurassic Park 1), when actually four people died (Ray Arnold, Robert Muldoon, Donald Gennaro, Dennis Nedry).

Correction: It is possible that the death of Dennis Nedry was covered up so well that Malcolm, Ellie and co didn't even know it was him. Not everyone knew it was him that sabotaged the park, so they covered up his death to hide what really happened.


Corrected entry: The professional hunter is carrying a heavy, dangerous game double rifle. The ecologist manages to pull both rounds from the chamber, pull the bullets, empty the powder, replace the bullets in the now empty case and put them back in the rifle. Quite a feat to pull bullets in the field without damaging the cases. When the hunter tries to fire the rounds nothing happens. When the cases are pulled the primers are untouched from the firing pins - hmm. Even more unlikely - I don't know of any professional dangerous game guide that wouldn't carry a dozen or more extra rounds - yet he doesn't have any. (01:20:15)

Correction: The firing pins were probably bent, thus rendering the rifle useless.


Corrected entry: The snake that slithers down the paleontologist's shirt is not poisonous (it is red, white, and black; there is not even yellow); it most likely a milk snake (which by the way, as far as I know, is not native to Central or South America). Granted, there are poisonous coral snakes with white on black, but they are native to AFRICA.

Correction: The snake is not what killed the scientist. The snake scared the scientist into being eaten by the dinosaur. He just freaked regardless.

Corrected entry: When the triceratops breaks into the tent, if you put the movie in show motion you can see a camera man bring pulled away on the left hand side right before the triceratops breaks in.

Correction: The man is supposed to be taping Peter Ludlow's speech.

Corrected entry: When they are walking around on the island Vince Vaughn drops the paper of his chewing gum, although he's a member of Greenpeace.

Correction: Even though Vince Vaughn's character did some work with Greenpeace, he said that he did it to meet girls, so he didn't have to necessarily be dedicated to the cause.

Corrected entry: After the hunter bags the T-Rex with the dart gun they go to another scene then return, and the T-Rex is in a huge cage. Earlier on the hunters' entire camp, equipment and vehicles were destroyed, this is why they were walking in the first place, so where did this cage come from, and even if the cage did appear out of nowhere who lifted the T-Rex into it?

Correction: The equipment was in fact destroyed. However, when Nick radioed in for help, an entire Ingen supply crew came by, which would explain why there were suddenly so many people around as well as the equipment to assemble the cage.

Corrected entry: A four-foot-tall juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex would weigh at least one-hundred seventy to two-hundred pounds. There is no way a normal person could carry it about without a supreme effort, and they dandle it about like a small puppy.

Correction: I don't believe anyone has actually weighed a real live 4-foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex so who's to say how much one would weigh. A better judgement of the baby Rex's weight would be to make a comparison between it's size and that of the adult humans. This would make the baby Rex about the size of a husky young boy with a subsequent weight of around 100 pounds max, fairly easy to carry.

Corrected entry: When Jeff Goldblum is giving his daughter the news about him going away for a few days, he gives her a piece of paper with someone's number on it. However, in the next shot Jeff has the paper back in his hand. (00:16:30)

Correction: This is very vague, because he hands her the paper twice (since both times she got rid of the paper). When he gives her the paper the first time, she keeps it. Later in the scene she throws the paper at him (where it lands on his shoulder) and he takes it, but gives it back. At the desk, she puts the paper down on the desk and he picks it up and gives it back to her. But there's never a shot of him holding the paper when he shouldn't be.


Corrected entry: The cargo ship when shown at the dock is a model. When the cargo doors are open they swing out to the sides so T-rex can climb out on to the deck. When they show a real ship heading back to the island, you can see how the doors would open front to back so a dock mounted crane could un-load cargo from the side.

Correction: The cargo doors are made up of four sections with all doors hinged at the corners. As such, the doors can be opened individually, in pairs (left-right or front-back) or all at once. The design of the cargo doors do not change at all during the end of the movie, model or real.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Nick and Sarah goes to rescue the dinosaurs from the cages, they first encounter a large Stegosaurus in a cage shaped to fit the animal. The gate at the front of the cage is much smaller so how on Earth did they manage to get the dinosaur inside? And how is it supposed to escape through an opening much smaller than the dinosaur?

Correction: The cage is in fact shaped to suit the adult but is not a fixed shape. Reviewing the scene, the back portion of the cage appear to slide into place forming the shape of the roof and overall shape of of the whole cage. The characters would have been able to see this as we know the Stegosaurus does in fact escape its enclosure.


Corrected entry: How does the high hide work? It's well above the tree line, so can't be hooked on top of one, and the only secret it gives away is that it is pulled up by the car winch. Yet Eddie leaves the high hide to save the others, taking the car with the winch with him. So what has happened to the hide?

Correction: It's hooked from either a taller tree or a tree that grows on higher ground. You can see parts of the tree above and to the sides of the high hide when it's first raised.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Sarah is photographing the stegosauruses, we see Vince Vaughn getting his camcorder ready; then the camera changes just as he is putting it to his face, and all of a sudden it a regular camera, not a camcorder. (00:22:20)

Correction: He has two cameras, a camcorder and a Nikon that he swaps. There are lengthy shots focused on Sarah during the "all of a sudden" during which he could have swapped cameras.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the T-Rex hits the trailer it flips sideways twice. Then the trailer starts sliding off the cliff due to it's sliding on it's tires, which are clearly visible. However, both trailers are connected so the tires should be facing up.

Correction: The "trailer" is supposed to consist of a two units (a "tractor" pulling a "trailer") connected by a flexible corridor (well, it is in the book). Therefore it's theoretically possible for one half of the vehicle to be turned over by 180 degrees and the other half to remain upright on its tyres, as the flexible corridor would just twist.

Corrected entry: Hamond said that the dinosaurs were bred on Isla Sorna, even though in the first film we saw the dinosaurs being born on Isla Nublar.

Correction: Hammond was not completely forthcoming in the first movie. While some dinosaurs were born on Isla Nubar, Isla Sorna was the major "factory," so to speak.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: When the T-Rex hits the trailer for the first time and it rolls over, the sheet of glass, the same one Sarah lands on later, can be seen falling out of place, so it shouldn't be there to catch Sarah when she falls.

Correction: It falls slightly out of place not all the way. It gets propped up on other things lying around. It is in a position so that when the trailer goes into its vertical position the sheet of glass falls back into place.

Corrected entry: When the big tugger is hurtling towards the waterfront, don't you think the Coast Guard would have warned the personnel at the waterfront about a boat going REALLY fast in their direction?

Correction: The coastguard may have only thought to warn at the last moment when it was too late. It could also be believed the coast guard was sure they would slow down or start turning. Even if they were concerned they might believe that the crew would warn them if they weren't able to slow down but as we see they were all dead - something the coast guard wasn't aware of.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film as the little girl gets attacked by small dinosaurs, it cuts to Dr. Ian Malcolm standing in front of a poster of a tropical island, making you think he is on the island. However, the "poster" has been a little enhanced to create the illusion; it is actually a live shot of a tropical backdrop. If you look closely, you can even see the palm leafs move in the wind.

Correction: The image behind Malcolm hasn't been enhanced; it's just a picture. Any apparent movement just seems to be an illusion.

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Deliberate mistake: When the ship crashes into the dock, all of the scenes leading up to the crash and after it show a clear view across the harbor as we can see lights and land on the other side. It's not until the ship is about to crash that a thick and dense fog appears and disappears within a minute to mask the ship to create a more dramatic effect.


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Ian Malcom: Yes, ooo, ahh, it always starts out that way, and then comes all the running and screaming.

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Trivia: Hammond doesn't appear in the second book (though he does in the second movie). This is because, in the book series, Hammond was killed in the first book. He slipped, broke his ankle and was fatally attacked by compies.

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Question: What happened to the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar? They wander around Isla Sorna on this movie, but no mention is made of the dinosaurs in the original. Does anybody know about their fate? Were they killed? Did they die naturally?

Answer: The dinosaurs on Isla Nublar are not mentioned. In the first book they are destroyed by bombing, which makes the second island more surprising - a lost world.

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