The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Malcolm, Sarah, Kelly and Nick get off the island and Ingen capture the mummy T-rex and the kid. Roland declares that he has 'spent enough time in the company of death' and leaves. Back in the city the Rex breaks loose to look for its baby. Malcolm and Sarah find the kid and lure the T-rex away from people with it. They leave it in the ships hold and then escape. Hammonds nephew Peter Ludlow (Ithink thats his name) comes in to find the kid and does. The Rex comes along and lets the baby take care of Ludlow. Its all grown up! As the doors of the hold close Sarah shoots the Rex with a sleeping dart. It is transported back to Jurassic park and the movie ends with Malcolm, Sarah and Kelly on the sofa in front of the tv. The tv is showing an interview with John Hammond. Hammond ends the movie by quoting Malcolms words from the first movie, saying that 'Life will find a way'.

George Davis

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