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Factual error: The layout of the Cox's house doesn't make sense. The house is an end-terrace - stairs on the right side (from the front). The stairs rise to the back, and perform a 180 degree turn. The first door on the left is the Cox's bedroom. The wall opposite to the bedroom door would be a solid wall - the partition wall to the neighbouring terrace. Instead it has a well lit window.

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Factual error: The fitness center is supposed to be located around the D.C. area. Inside the fitness center, in one quick shot, at the top left part of the screen, out the big window, across the busy highway, you can see the sign of a camping supply store called Campmor. The one and only Campmor retail store is located on rt 17N in NJ, about 240 miles away from D.C.



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CIA Superior: What did we learn, Palmer?
CIA Officer: I don't know, sir.
CIA Superior: I don't fuckin' know either. I guess we learned not to do it again.
CIA Officer: Yes, sir.
CIA Superior: I'm fucked if I know what we did.



In the opening scene when Oz is brought in to be fired, he first approaches the desk and before he sits down, is standing in between the desk and the chair. In the reverse shots from behind him, he is standing behind the chair, not in front of it.