Burn After Reading

Corrected entry: When Linda looks in the rear view mirror at the car following her, the license plate is seen as normal, not a mirror image like it should be. (01:25:25)

Correction: The license plate 2DM S29 is backwards in the mirror, but some of the characters when reversed could be mistaken for regular characters.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Linda is talking to a health insurance agent on the phone in her office, Ted can be seen in the background sorting through files. In the very next shot, the camera zooms in on Ted, except now he's facing the opposite direction and has no files in his hands. (00:21:05)


Correction: These are two different people. The first person has a full set of hair. Ted is bald on the front part of his head.


Corrected entry: Linda says that she last saw Chad at the Jamba Juice on K Street. There is no Jamba Juice on K Street in Washington, D.C.

Correction: Creative license, NOT a mistake.

Brenda Elzin

Corrected entry: When Linda gets up to leave the lighting brackets and a stage light can be seen on the ceiling behind her head.

Correction: WHERE/WHEN? Time code?

Brenda Elzin

Corrected entry: The emblems on the back of Ozzie's car read "240D" and "TURBODIESEL". Mercedes-Benz never built that engine configuration (2.4 litre turbocharged diesel).

Correction: Yes, it's true Mercedes never built a turbo 240D, but the emblem could have come off a 300D turbodiesel, and at some point been applied to the trunk if it had been damaged sometime in it's 20 to 30 year old "lifespan". It's easy to mistakenly put an emblem on a car at a bodyshop, or take a different trunk lid from a wrecker to replace a damaged one and add a turbodiesel emblem to make it look like a higher end model. I have seen Chevy Chevettes with turbo emblems on them, and of course they were never built with turbos either.

Corrected entry: When Osborne Cox gets locked out in the rain, he tries to put a key in the front door, but it doesn't go in. The key is a Ford key and the lock is an Ilco lock. No residential keys are double sided.

Correction: So he doesn't realize the key has ridges like a car key, then tries to put the key in, but the key is not for that lock and it doesn't go in. This is a human mistake, NOT a movie mistake.

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