Burn After Reading

Trivia: The costume designer wanted Brad Pitt's suit to look really bad, but to her surprise, she discovered that no matter how cheap or tacky the suit was that he tried on was... he looked good in every single one. She eventually discovered the secret to finally making him look bad was to purposely put him in a suit that had the wrong measurements for his body, and give him gaudy wool ties.


Trivia: The "sex-chair" that George Clooney builds is based on something the Coen Brothers had heard about from a crew-member on one of their first films. He also built a similar sex-chair by hand after being disgusted by the cost of a pre-built one.


Trivia: Was written at the same time as the Coen Brothers' Academy Award-winning film "No Country for Old Men." They'd alternate day-by-day. One day they'd work on "No Country " the next they're work on "Burn After Reading."


Other mistake: The date on the surveillance footage from the camera in the Russian Embassy says 01.05.08, implying that it is either January or May (depending on which date notation is being used, American mm.dd.yy or Russian dd.mm.yy). However, it is fall/autumn outside, as there are dead leaves everywhere. And when Katie calls Harry we can see that his cell phone shows 17/9/08. (00:48:00)

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Linda Litzke: You should put up a note in the ladies locker room.
Chad Feldheimer: Put up a note?"Highly classified shit found: Raw intelligence shit, CIA shit?" Hello, anybody lose their secret CIA shit? I don't think so!

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