The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

After Kovu and Kiara reunite, they look at the water and their faces are merged in the reflection. Kovu says "Hey, look, we are one." Kiara remembers what she learned as a cub from her father, and when Kovu suggests they run away she says they can't. If they run away their prides will forever be divided. Zira and the Outsiders want war and head to the Pride Lands. Simba learns his daughter is missing and is angry. Zazu flies in and tells him that the Outsiders are there and they want war.

Simba gathers the lionesses as the Outsiders approach. Simba gives Zira a chance to go home, but she refuses and the battle begins. Kovu and Kiara jump between Zira and Simba, halting the battle. Kiara reminds the lions that "We are One." Vitani realizes she's right and joins her, soon followed by the lions. Zira is the only one who refuses and tries to attack Simba. Kiara jumps in the way and tackles Zira down a cliff. Kiara gets on a ledge, but Zira is dangling off the edge. Kiara tries to give Zira her paw, but Zira refuses and slips. She falls into the water and dies. The Outsiders and Pride Landers all connected. Simba, Nala, Kovu and Kiara go to Pride Rock and roar in Pride. Mufasa's spirit has the last words, "Well done, my son. We are One."


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Toward the end of the song "One Of Us" when Kovu is running away and the birds are chasing him, Simba is standing on Pride Rock looking down at Kovu. In the next shot of Pride Rock, Simba is gone, but in the next shot, Simba is back, in the same position as in the first shot.



Also, in Swahili, Timon means 'Team' and Kiara, suprisingly means 'small dark thing'. Plus, Kovu means 'Scar'.