The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Corrected entry: When Kiara falls into the water at the start of the movie, Pumbaa jumps on top of her without knowing it. Then Pumbaa gets partly wet, but when Pumbaa and Kiara get out of the water, only Kiara is dripping, Pumbaa seems perfectly dry.

Correction: "Seems" being the operative word. Warthog fur is such that it doesn't get soggy like a lion's fur would.

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Corrected entry: In the ending of the film's opening song "He Lives in You", look carefully as the white birds (the ones scared into flight by the stomping elephants) fly behind Simba, Nala, and Rafiki atop Pride Rock. Simba's tail tip has not been coloured correctly and is white instead of red.

Correction: That's not true, the "white tail" you're referring to is not Simba's tail, it's Pumbaa's tusk.

Corrected entry: During the scene where the Pridelanders and the Outsiders are having a battle, a few times Zira advises a warrior what part of their opponent to attack. She refers to the enemy lion as "he" or "him", but besides Simba, all fighting are lionesses.

Correction: She says "them", referring to them as a group.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Simba invites Kovu into the cave, in the close-up shot, they are right outside the cave, and in the shot from Vitani's point of view, they are at the edge of pride rock, quite a way from the cave entrance.

Correction: In the first view, it's looking sort of into the cave, so you can't really tell how far away they are until you see it from Vitani's view.

Corrected entry: The creators of TLK2 were originally going to call 'Vitani' 'Shetani', which means devil, or demon, in Kiswahili. However, Disney changed her name to Vitani, possibly so as not to be as offensive. And if you listen closely, the first time we meet Nuka and Vitani, he says "Hey Shetani", instead of calling her Vitani (the sub-titles say Vitani, though).

Correction: I re-listened to this part, and it he says "Vitani"

Corrected entry: When Zira gives Kovu a nasty scar, she swipes at him horizontally. However, Kovu's scar turns out vertically

Correction: The pads on Zira's paw made contact with Kovu's snout before anything else hit. This impact turned Kovu's head so that Zira's claws ran the length of his face (instead of the width) when they made contact. Kovu turns his head back to an upright position, and now he's got a vertical cut.

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Corrected entry: When Simba is having the dream where Scar/Kovu pushes him and Mufasa over the cliff, Kovu has a scar but he doesn't get the scar until later in the film.

Correction: Duplicate entry. Has already been corrected.

Corrected entry: In the first Lion King movie Nala's eyes are green and in this movie they are blue.

Correction: Cat eyes (and even human eyes) change color frequently. The truth is all lions have brown eyes, but if they were blue, they'd become green rather randomly by the presence or absence of a yellowish fatty pigment.

Corrected entry: The number of lions keeps changing. An example from the end of the movie: Before the final fight scene, the two prides are shown approaching. There are 13 lions visible in Simba's pride and, after they line up, 13 in Zira's pride, plus Kovu and Kiara = 28. The two prides begin to fight and from the view point of Kovu and Kiara we only see 12 lions. Next when Kiara and Kovu step in to stop the fight there are 20 lions in a circle with Kovu, Kiara, Simba, and Zira in the centre = 24 lions. Zira dies, so we now should have 23 lions. The two prides join together at the end and we only see a total of 17 lions. Keep in mind that there were no dead bodies visible at anytime.

Correction: It is characteristic that Disney do not show blood or injuries for long periods of time as their films are aimed mainly at small kids. Some of the lions might have run away. Not a mistake though.

Corrected entry: Kovu was the last born cub before Simba exiled the Outsiders right? So they would have been banished shortly after Scar died because Kovu remembers Scar. The Pridelands now have to be given a lot of time to recover and for all the animals to return. Now Kiara is born, and Kovu should be, if not fully grown, quite a bit older than Kiara. The thing is, THEY ARE THE SAME AGE AND SIZE.

Correction: If you pay attention to Zira's whole speech, you'd notice that she was trying to play on Simba's sympathy, she was lying.

Corrected entry: When Simba dreams of his father falling off the cliff, Kovu has the scar on his face. He doesn't have a scar until Zira hits him and that's way after the dream. Simba wouldn't have known Kovu was going to get a scar.

Correction: This is not a "mistake" as such. Simba is imagining Kovu taking Scar's place, bringing evil and destruction. Since Scar's main facial feature was a scar, Kovu gains a scar in the dream. Scar = evil. Scar = scar on eye. Evil = scar on eye.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning they show a shot of four monkeys in a tree. They are in a line, picking lice off of each other. The one in the very front is picking too. However there is no monkey in front of him.

Correction: He was picking bugs from the tree trunk in front of him.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film where Zira is hanging from the cliff above the raging river, she was originally going to say "Never." before letting go, making her death suicide showing that she was loyal to Scar to the end. This was obviously cut for being too dark for a Disney film, and this was (rather poorly) edited to Zira losing her grip and falling.

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Correction: She actually gets truly scared and reaches for Kiaras helping paw but had slipped too far and she ended up falling.

Corrected entry: Zira scratched Kovu across the face and gave him a scar on his left eye earlier in the film. As Zira plummets to her death, they show Kovu choking back tears. Look closely, and you will see that his scar has miraculously disappeared! The next shot shows him with his scar.

Correction: Zira actully slapped him across the face and left a scar on his right eye just like scar had.

Hogwash. I saw this movie several times and his scar was on his left eye.

Audio problem: In the scene where Simba is being attacked by Zira and the other outlanders, he rolls down a small cliff. Zira then says, "Yes, we've got him", but if you watch her mouth she is actually laughing and her mouth isn't moving at all.

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Rafiki: Oh Mufasa, you've been up there too long! Your head is in the clouds.

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Trivia: Also, in Swahili, Timon means 'Team' and Kiara, suprisingly means 'small dark thing'. Plus, Kovu means 'Scar'.

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Question: Is there any reason why there are no male lions in Simba or Zira's pride?

Answer: In real prides the males are kicked out once they reach maturity so that's idea that they kept in the movie.


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