The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Audio problem: In the scene where Simba is being attacked by Zira and the other outlanders, he rolls down a small cliff. Zira then says, "Yes, we've got him", but if you watch her mouth she is actually laughing and her mouth isn't moving at all.

Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the song "One Of Us" when Kovu is running away and the birds are chasing him, Simba is standing on Pride Rock looking down at Kovu. In the next shot of Pride Rock, Simba is gone, but in the next shot, Simba is back, in the same position as in the first shot.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Zira and Kiara are rolling down the cliffs near the end, watch carefully and in one shot we see both of them roll over an edge, and then another Kiara rolls down and grabs on to stop falling.

Continuity mistake: When Zira is singing "My Lullaby" the cut on her ear is on one ear, then the other, then back again. It does this four times by the end of the song.

Audio problem: During the song "My Lullaby" where Nuka makes his comment which at the end of it causes Vitani to push him off the rock/tree stump, he is still calmly singing his line about half a second after Vitani pushes him off.

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Continuity mistake: When Nuka and Vitani are at the Elephant Graveyard igniting their sticks to set the Pridelands ablaze, Vitani is first drawn with dark ear stripes. There is a close-up of her rolling her eyes at Nuka and the ear stripes are still colored in, but the lines indicating where they are present. When the stick ignites and Vitani grabs it, the stripes are gone. The stripes then appear when Vitani is setting some dry grass on fire. This mistake is repeated throughout the film.

Continuity mistake: After the song 'Love Will Find a Way' when Kovu and Kiara are peering into the water and Kovu says, "We are one," in the reflection the scar on Kovu's face is on the wrong eye. Nothing to do with it being reflected, it was on the eye nearest Kiara, and now it's on the other eye.

Continuity mistake: At the end, just before the final fight scene, Zira's pride is lined up with Zira in the centre on a rock, placing her above the others. Shortly after you see a close up of her with a couple of lionesses beside her - at the same height as her. They disappear in the next shot of her.

Factual error: Near the end of the song "One Of Us" when Kovu is exiled, the beisa oryx at the front of the animal chorus (the one shaking her head slowly) has incorrect facial markings for her species. The other beisa oryx in the background has the correct markings. When she sings "He is not one of us," solo, she has correct facial markings, but lacks the correct leg markings, which she had when her facial markings were incorrect.

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Continuity mistake: During the final battle, the number of lionesses changes dramatically. When the two clans are standing in line, there are dozens on both sides. However, when Kovu and Kiara see the battle from across the gorge, there only appear to be ten at most. Also, both Zira and Simba are gone as well as any of the existing land formations (Such as Zira's rock).

Continuity mistake: At the end in the scene directly after Zira falls into the water, Kovu's scar is missing.

Continuity mistake: When Rafiki is in the tree and Mufasa formulates a plan, there is a gourd that falls and breaks and Rafiki then picks up to symbolise the plan. Then he says "Are you crazy? This will never work!" and makes a hand gesture, meaning that he dropped the gourd pieces. However, they are not visible in the overhead shot when he says, "I just hope you know what you are doing!"

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Continuity mistake: When Simba and adult Kovu are walking through the burnt forest, they are ambushed by the Outsiders. But when there is the aerial shot of them walking, the Outsiders are nowhere to be seen. (DVD widescreen).

Audio problem: In the bit where Zira and Kiara are falling down the cliff near the end, Kovu shouts 'Kiara' but with Nala's voice.

Continuity mistake: Kovu's mane occasionally turns black. This is most noticeable during his first meeting with Kiara.

Continuity mistake: During 'Not One Of Us', the vultures have shadows when they are near the lion. However, in the next shot, no shadows are on the lion's body.

Factual error: Okapis attend events such as Kiara's presentation and Kovu's exile, despite the fact that okapis are native to the Congo rainforest, not the savanna. They would not be in the Pride Lands, and therefore should not attend these events.

Other mistake: Near the start of 'Not One Of Us', animals are stomping their feet at Kovu. There is a gazelle towards the bottom right-hand-side that does this while raising both front legs and having their hind right leg not on a proper surface (looking closely, it's actually floating on nothing). No animal could do this without falling over.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, Kiara is first shown with a ridiculous scruff that is not possible. It is corrected in the next shot.

Rafiki: Oh Mufasa, you've been up there too long! Your head is in the clouds.

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Question: Is there any reason why there are no male lions in Simba or Zira's pride?

Answer: In real prides the males are kicked out once they reach maturity so that's idea that they kept in the movie.


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