The Incredible Hulk

Trivia: The filmmakers decided to make the production environmentally-friendly, using hybrid vehicles on set, zero-or-low VOC paint and locally-sourced yellow pine to build the sets, among other measures. As such, it became the first blockbuster film to receive the Environmental Media Association's Green Seal, which is displayed during the end credits.

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Trivia: The pizza place Stanley's is a reference to Stan Lee.


Trivia: When Gnl. Ross is in the cooling cell to get the super soldier stuff for Blonsky, on the lid of that specific container, it says, "Developed by: Dr. Reinstein." This is the alias of Dr. Erskine, who made Captain America.


Trivia: Bruce Banner is inexplicably called Bob for several issues of The Hulk comic books. This was a mistake on the part of Stan Lee who had a hard time remembering his characters names, presumably because he drew several superhero comic book series at the same time. It was later revealed that Bruce Banner's full name is Robert Bruce Banner.

Trivia: Early drafts of the script were indeed written to be a direct sequel to the prior 2003 Ang Lee "Hulk" film. (Which explains some of the connections the films share, such as "Hulk" ending in South America and "The Incredible Hulk" opening there.) It was then retooled throughout pre-production to fit better into Marvel's Cinematic Universe concept, with producer Gale Anne Hurd referring to it as a "requel" - a combination of reboot and sequel. Finally, it was decided that the film would be a total reboot.


Trivia: Amadeus Cho is the man Bruce Banner bribes with pizza to gain access to the lab. That character is one of the new Hulks in the comics, and is played by Martin Starr, who also appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Trivia: The Hulk only says six words in the entire film.

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Continuity mistake: When Dr. Ross and Bruce were in the hotel room, Banner empties the purse on the bed and there is some cash inside the wallet. As they are about to leave he picks up the cash which isn't in the wallet anymore. (01:08:10)

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Abomination: General! Any last words?
Hulk: Hulk...SMASH!

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