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Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle saw Warner at Harvard she talks to him and starts walking down the hallway. Her purse is on her left shoulder. The camera goes back to showing Warner and then back to Elle. Her purse is then on her right shoulder.

Correction: She never has her purse on her shoulder, it's always in her hand.

Cynthia Gurski Premium member

Corrected entry: After Elle gets dumped by her boyfriend (near the beginning), she is walking along the street and shots switch between her and her (ex)boyfriend in the car. The shot switches to her and suddenly her hair is quite messed up.

Correction: Her hair is messed up the entire time she is walking after the breakup.

Corrected entry: When Elle finds out that she was picked for the law firm she goes "Oh, Warner" and turns to the left, then Warner and Vivian look as though she was coming from the right.

Correction: Elle turns to her right. Warner then also turns to his right whilst Vivian turns to their left as she was coming from that side.

Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the movie Serena has bangs, but when Margot is picking out her wedding dress Serena says "I got bangs." She already had them almost half of the movie. (00:00:57)

Correction: Serena said she got "fangs". This was a slightly different styling then she previously had, exchanging her regular heavy bangs for the softer lighter fringe bangs, or "fangs".

Corrected entry: After Elle wins her case the show moves to the graduation. The words "two years later" drop down the screen. but as Elle gives her speech she states: "in my 3 years at Harvard." Not only are there two different years being mentioned in the movie. In reality you have to take 3-4 years of law school after you get your Bachelor's degree.


Correction: Elle wins the case after some time, presumably near the end of her first year at Harvard. A typical JD is a three year long degree. Thus roughly two years after winning the case she is graduating.

Corrected entry: When Elle finds out she got an internship with Callahan, she goes to tell Warner & Vivian who are shocked. There were only 4 names on the list, so how come they are surprised? They'd have to be blind to have not seen her name there.

Correction: She doesn't go to tell them that, instead she reminds Warner of the "time she and him spent in the hot tub for 4 hours". Vivian wasn't shocked at Elle getting an internship (that wasn't even mentioned), she was shocked after Elle told her about the 4 hour hot-tub experience. Also, they aren't likely to react anyway; it's clear they hardly care about Elle.

Corrected entry: When Enrique describes Chuck as "just a friend," Chuck calls him a bitch and storms out of the courtroom — yet hasn't been the least bit bothered by Enrique's testimony that he's been having an affair with Brooke.

Correction: Except that Enrique wasn't having an affair with Brooke, it was all a lie. Presumably, Enrique told Chuck about this beforehand, and that is why Chuck is not upset by it. However, once Enrique belittles his relationship with Chuck, only then does Chuck become upset.


Corrected entry: The first law class scene involves Reese Witherspoon getting kicked out of the room for being unprepared to answer questions regarding Gordon v. Steele, a very basic Civil Procedure case. The scene closes with the professor asking Selma Blair about the result in Gordon v. Steele. She responds that the court held that there was not diversity jurisdiction. The professor replies that Selma is correct. But, this is entirely the wrong answer. The court in that case held that there was diversity jurisdiction. Merely getting a case wrong would seem trivial, but again this is literally the first case any law student studies in Civil Procedure, a first year class. How could a screenwriter get this basic case completely wrong?

Correction: There was no error in that scene. When the Professor asks Vivian if there was diversity jurisdiction "in this case," she was referring to Elle being kicked out of class. At the very end of that exchange, just before the scene changes, the Professor begins to ask Vivian, "What about in Gordon v. Steele?" She was merely trying to contrast the two scenarios. Incidentally, not all Civ Pro professors choose to use Gordon v. Steele to instruct their students on diversity jurisdiction cases, nor do they all choose diversity jurisdiction as the very first topic to cover in the course.

Corrected entry: The idea that Elle was able to go from a 143 on the LSAT to a 179 is utterly ridiculous. The scores for the LSAT are not given as objective scores like on most high school or college exams, but are weighted, etc., so it's possible to raise a score, but not by 30+ points.

Joel Amos Gordon

Correction: This is simply a matter of your opinion, there is no reason that with the dedication and hard work she puts into her studying, that she couldn't improve her performance on the LSAT, even relative to the other test-takers.

Corrected entry: The daughter, Chutney, is examined by the prosecution, then the defense should have had the opportunity to cross-examine her. However, in between her first testimony and the scene where Elle gets her to confess is the testimony of the pool boy. If Chutney is a witness for the prosecution, she would not have been able to be called as a witness for the defense as well, seeing as they already cross-examined her.

Correction: If substantial new evidence is presented or credibility of previous testimony is challenged, a previous witness may be recalled for clarification or additional information.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, we can see one of Elle's friends go into a shower room to get a signature. You can also see that it was signed with a pin. The shower room was very moist and humid. So much humidity, in fact, that the card being signed would have had some kind of noticeable smudges on the ink. Yet nobody seems to notice anything at all wrong with the card.

Correction: The fact that the card was taken into the steam and signed means thats it's possible to be done. From experience the ink wouldn't always smuge, even if it did it wouldn't be considered a mistake. I also have recieved cards with smeared ink and didn't make a point to question why my card was smudged.

Corrected entry: After Chutney confesses that she accidentally shot and killed her father, the judge tells the bailiff to take her away and charge her with the murder of her father. However, since killing her father was not premeditated, she should be charged with manslaughter, not murder. A judge who knows the meaning of "mens rea" should know the difference between murder and manslaughter.

Paul Pepiton Premium member

Correction: The premeditation was there to kill somebody. It doesn't matter that it was the wrong person. And, this would be a legal debate among the attorneys, so it isn't really a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Elle, David, and Enid all introduce themselves at the start of the film, Elle says, "Hi, I'm Elle Woods, and this is Bruiser Woods, and we're both Gemini vegetarians." However, feeding your dog a vegetarian diet would make it sick and it would eventually die a long, painful death.

Correction: Seems odd that there'd be commercially available vegetarian dog food then, what with all the laws concerning pet food production.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when Elle is invited to the 'costume party,' she enters wearing her bunny outfit and the first person she runs into is the lesbian girl with glasses playing foos-ball. After Elle walks through the party and finds Warner, that same lesbian girl with the glasses is all of a sudden there at the keg arguing with Warner about something. So once the lesbian girl saw Elle did she run to Warner to monopolize him at the keg?

Correction: It's a party, would be pretty boring if everyone just stayed where they are the entire evening. (Besides you really don't know how fast Elle walks through the room.).

Corrected entry: At one point Vivian comes into Elle's room and asks for the deposition for the criminal case on which they are working. Criminal cases do not have depositions - civil cases do. Criminal cases have witness statements taken by the police. Although defense attorneys can do their own investigation, they still would not do a deposition, just an interview.

Joel Amos Gordon

Correction: That may be true, but remember they're STUDENTS, and can make mistakes in terminology.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: If Callahan is a high-powered defense attorney, he probably wouldn't have time to teach a full time class at Harvard. He also wouldn't be teaching a class on embryo's etc, but rather one in the criminal law field.

Joel Amos Gordon

Correction: The fact that he is a "high-powered defense attorney" means he can pick and choose his cases and charge exorbitant amounts of cash so he doesn't need to take very many cases to stay wealthy. As such he'd have all kinds of time to teach a full-time class at Harvard Law. The money he gets from that would mean even fewer cases he had to take on. The "embryo lesson" was only to give an example of what works in the courtroom; things that may prove useful in a criminal hearing.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Emmett and Vivian go to visit Brooke in prison, Callahan is on the news on the TV behind them. The reporter asks how he plans to discredit Mr. Salvatore, but this is after Elle has already discovered that he's gay and Emmett got him to admit it on the stand.

Correction: So they're running a previously recorded interview to bring viewers up to speed on recently unfolded events. Happens all the time.

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Corrected entry: At the end of Legally Blonde, it says that Elle was a part of the graduating class of 2004, however, in Legally Blonde 2, when Margo and Serena are doing the cheer with the interns to try to get support for the discharge petition, they say "intern class of 2003 on deck." If Elle was in the class of 2004, then she wouldn't have been in Washington practicing law in 2003.

Correction: Character mistake. Margo and Serena aren't exactly the brightest girls around.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the students introduce themselves on the grass, one says that Stephan Hawking stole his, "A Brief History of Time" from his paper. "A Brief History of Time" is a book and is not a theory to be stolen.

Correction: Hawking might have stolen key passages from the paper and put it into his book. The text of a paper can be stolen, not just the theories in it. Besides, the student is making a rather outlandish claim and if it makes no sense, that is a fault of his and not of the writers'.

Corrected entry: When Elle is going into the room with Callahan and the other interns, she must have driven. But after she and Emmitt go to the spa, he drives her home. Where is her car?

Correction: Emmet takes her to the salon in his car. It is possible Emmet gives her a lift BACK but not home- or Elle walked to the place she met the interns because Elle could never drive in those heels she wears.

Audio problem: In the scene after Reese Witherspoon and Luke Wilson are returning from questioning the ex-wife of the murder victim at a spa, they are driving up in Luke's car. You can clearly see, as they get closer to the camera, that what you hear Luke saying isn't what his lips are saying. It was a very obvious dub over...and a very bad one.

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Elle: And last week I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal, and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous angora sweater. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.

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Trivia: Although many people may not catch it, the "Harvard" in which the movie is set is actually the University of Southern California campus. If you look very closely in the background, the University's trademark buildings are visible.

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