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Corrected entry: When Elle attends her first class at law school, a classroom layout is placed in front of her. She does not write her name on it or pass it on, but when her teacher picks it up and looks at the layout she knows who Elle is and where she sits, even thought she didn't write her name on it.

Correction: But the camera is away from Elle for a short time so it's possible that she wrote her name on the paper then.

Corrected entry: When Reese is driving to Boston from California she enters the city on the Tobin Bridge. She would only cross the Tobin Bridge had she come from California via New Hampshire. They should have shown her entering the city from the Mass Pike, coming from the west towards Cambridge, where Harvard is located.

Correction: It's an assumption that she drove directly from CA to Boston - which is unlikely. She could easily have flown into Logan Airport, met up with the removers and had her car delivered to there. They would then drive to Cambridge, over the Tobin.

Corrected entry: In the scene when she's talking to Brusier on her bed the dog is wearing a collar and a small tie, but in the next scene he's wearing a silver chain.

Correction: Elle could have switched it. The movie shows that the character is very fashion-conscious. I wouldn't be surprised if she changed her dog's accessories all the time.

Corrected entry: When Elle first arrives on campus with the moving men, she stops to give her dog some water in a little plastic pool. After about 2 seconds of drinking, she picks the dog back up but leaves the pool there while she walks to her dorm. The moving men simply walk around it.

Tiffany Fife

Correction: This isn't a mistake. If Elle didn't pick it up, the men carrying heavy items wouldn't bother to either.

Corrected entry: When Elle is questioning Chutney, she tells her that she couldn't have been in the shower because if she got a perm she could not wet her hair. This is not true (and I know this for a fact because I am a stylist). You may wet your hair but not shampoo it for 48 hours after you have a perm. Any Cosmo girl would know that.

Correction: Actually chutney says "I was in the shower, washing my hair" therefore she did wash her hair meaning that the perm would have been ruined.

Corrected entry: When Elle enters the court room to take over the lawyer role, her pink bag is full (with her dog). When Elle gets the daughter to confess and wins the case, her dog hops out of the bag and she picks him up. She is holding the dog for the rest of that scene. However, when Elle leaves the court room and Warner runs after her, to say that he wants her back, she no longer has her dog, and her bag is obviously empty. Where did her little dog go?

Correction: As seen thru out the movie, Bruiser,the dog, often walks at Elle's feet. He could have simply been walking next to her, unseen by the camera.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle is sitting in a circle with other Harvard students, introducing themselves after they registered, there is a shot where you can see that there are 5 students plus the leader of the group. There is that David guy, that girl Enid, a guy in brown pants, the really smart guy, and then Elle. However, when they go around the circle saying there names, the guy in the brown pants is not there any more.

Correction: Actually he is there, only the camera has gone right past him. There was no need to interview him as he is not in any other part of the film.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, a reporter asks how Elle knew about the daughter killing the father and Brooke answers 'because she's amazing' but her mouth doesn't move.

Correction: Actually, Brooke says, "Because she's brilliant, of course." Also, after reviewing the clip repeatedly, including the use of the zoom function, you can see the actress' lips move, but due to the fact that she is smiling (wouldn't you be happy too if you were just released?) her lips don't make large movements as the line is delivered.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle is in her dorm room, and Bruiser (the dog) is watching the Taco Bell commercial, he is actually watching himself on TV. Bruiser is the Taco Bell dog.

Correction: Actually, Bruiser isn't. If you watch during the end credits, Bruiser is played by a dog other than Gidget, the Taco Bell dog.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle is on her way to her first class as a serious law student, she runs into her ex-boyfriend Warner, who is looking at a bulletin board and jotting some information down. However, at least one of the fliers on the board (at Harvard Law School) is an advertisement for an LSAT prep class. Now wouldn't students already enrolled in law school have no need for an LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) prep course?

Correction: Harvard is a large school with medical and business classes as well. It doesn't seem unlikely that from the first day of Gross Anatomy, a few new med-students would want to "jump ship" and check out the Law School and forget about Medical School. There's probably MCAT fliers hanging in the medical school's bulletin too.

Corrected entry: When Elle first sees Warner at Harvard (he is looking at a notice board), she tells him to wait for her at the benches after class but at the party (when she is in her bunny outfit) she says 'We're taking the same classes'. Surely they could have met up after class in the classroom.

Correction: Remember, Elle is on her way to her very first class when she sees Warner at the message board. Her comment "We have the same classes" surely means that they share some of the same classes, but not that they share their whole schedule. After all, don't you think they would have shown Warner if he had been in the first class (when Elle is kicked out), instead of only showing a shot with Vivian and her friend?

Corrected entry: Emmett and Elle go to interview Chutney's mother at the health spa, where she declares 'I have never met Brooke but I hear she can be quite the little bitch.' Later, in court, she then declares that she watched Brooke flirting and leering at the pool boy. How could she know this if she has never met Brooke?

Correction: She may have "viewed" Brooke, but never was properly introduced. The two women probably have never exchanged words with each other, meaning they have never met.


Corrected entry: During Elle's first class, after about 3 minutes into the class she is asked to leave by the teacher. She then goes outside and sits down and talks for a couple of minutes. Then she and her boyfriend are joined by his new girlfriend who was also in Elle's class. Either the girlfriend was asked to leave the class or the class only lasted five minutes.

Correction: Elle may have walked around for the rest of the class time. It does not show her actually leaving her class and going to the bench, it just shows her sitting down, so it is quite possible she walked around to try and calm down while the class finished before going to meet Walter.

Corrected entry: When Elle and her friends are at the dress store they pick out a dress for her big date saying this is the one - I think it's pink. Then when she is at the restaurant and is waiting to be proposed to she's wearing a totally different dress.

Correction: When Elle says "This is it" she was not talking about the dress, but the forthcoming evening. The entire sentence is "Girls, this is it, in a few hours I'll be the future Mrs Warren Huntingham the 3rd" (or whatever his name was).

Corrected entry: When Elle arrives at Harvard, she has a giant moving truck full of her things. But when she decides to leave Harvard and goes to the Nail Salon to say goodbye to Paulette, all of her things fit into her convertible. Wouldn't she need another moving truck?

Correction: She could have taken only what she immediately needs with her, and then have it arranged so a moving company delivers the rest of her stuff later.

Corrected entry: When Elle decides to leave law school and goes to see Paulette, she hugs her to say goodbye with her head on Paulette's left shoulder. In the next shot where we see it from her professor's view, Elle is clearly hugging her with her head on her right shoulder.

Correction: When you see Elle from the professor's view, she is looking in a mirror. Then the stylist wheels the professor around to face Elle and Paulette and you see them hugging with Elle's head on Paulette's left shoulder.

Audio problem: In the scene after Reese Witherspoon and Luke Wilson are returning from questioning the ex-wife of the murder victim at a spa, they are driving up in Luke's car. You can clearly see, as they get closer to the camera, that what you hear Luke saying isn't what his lips are saying. It was a very obvious dub over...and a very bad one.

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Elle: And last week I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal, and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous angora sweater. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.

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Trivia: Although many people may not catch it, the "Harvard" in which the movie is set is actually the University of Southern California campus. If you look very closely in the background, the University's trademark buildings are visible.

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