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Corrected entry: When Elle and her friends are at the dress store they pick out a dress for her big date saying this is the one - I think it's pink. Then when she is at the restaurant and is waiting to be proposed to she's wearing a totally different dress.

Correction: When Elle says "This is it" she was not talking about the dress, but the forthcoming evening. The entire sentence is "Girls, this is it, in a few hours I'll be the future Mrs Warren Huntingham the 3rd" (or whatever his name was).


Corrected entry: When Elle arrives at Harvard, she has a giant moving truck full of her things. But when she decides to leave Harvard and goes to the Nail Salon to say goodbye to Paulette, all of her things fit into her convertible. Wouldn't she need another moving truck?

Correction: She could have taken only what she immediately needs with her, and then have it arranged so a moving company delivers the rest of her stuff later.


Corrected entry: After Elle wins her case the show moves to the graduation. The words "two years later" drop down the screen. but as Elle gives her speech she states: "in my 3 years at Harvard." Not only are there two different years being mentioned in the movie. In reality you have to take 3-4 years of law school after you get your Bachelor's degree.


Correction: Elle wins the case after some time, presumably near the end of her first year at Harvard. A typical JD is a three year long degree. Thus roughly two years after winning the case she is graduating.


Corrected entry: After Elle gets dumped by her boyfriend (near the beginning), she is walking along the street and shots switch between her and her (ex)boyfriend in the car. The shot switches to her and suddenly her hair is quite messed up.

Correction: Her hair is messed up the entire time she is walking after the breakup.


Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the movie Serena has bangs, but when Margot is picking out her wedding dress Serena says "I got bangs." She already had them almost half of the movie. (00:00:57)

Correction: Serena said she got "fangs". This was a slightly different styling then she previously had, exchanging her regular heavy bangs for the softer lighter fringe bangs, or "fangs".


I have seen this movie multiple times and she says "bangs"; even her mouth movement confirms this.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle saw Warner at Harvard she talks to him and starts walking down the hallway. Her purse is on her left shoulder. The camera goes back to showing Warner and then back to Elle. Her purse is then on her right shoulder.

Correction: She never has her purse on her shoulder, it's always in her hand.

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Corrected entry: When Elle finds out she got an internship with Callahan, she goes to tell Warner & Vivian who are shocked. There were only 4 names on the list, so how come they are surprised? They'd have to be blind to have not seen her name there.

Correction: She doesn't go to tell them that, instead she reminds Warner of the "time she and him spent in the hot tub for 4 hours". Vivian wasn't shocked at Elle getting an internship (that wasn't even mentioned), she was shocked after Elle told her about the 4 hour hot-tub experience. Also, they aren't likely to react anyway; it's clear they hardly care about Elle.


Then how do you explain Vivian's shocked expression before Elle ever approached her?

Corrected entry: The daughter, Chutney, is examined by the prosecution, then the defense should have had the opportunity to cross-examine her. However, in between her first testimony and the scene where Elle gets her to confess is the testimony of the pool boy. If Chutney is a witness for the prosecution, she would not have been able to be called as a witness for the defense as well, seeing as they already cross-examined her.

Correction: If substantial new evidence is presented or credibility of previous testimony is challenged, a previous witness may be recalled for clarification or additional information.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, we can see one of Elle's friends go into a shower room to get a signature. You can also see that it was signed with a pin. The shower room was very moist and humid. So much humidity, in fact, that the card being signed would have had some kind of noticeable smudges on the ink. Yet nobody seems to notice anything at all wrong with the card.

Correction: The fact that the card was taken into the steam and signed means thats it's possible to be done. From experience the ink wouldn't always smuge, even if it did it wouldn't be considered a mistake. I also have recieved cards with smeared ink and didn't make a point to question why my card was smudged.


Corrected entry: When Elle is going into the room with Callahan and the other interns, she must have driven. But after she and Emmitt go to the spa, he drives her home. Where is her car?

Correction: Emmet takes her to the salon in his car. It is possible Emmet gives her a lift BACK but not home- or Elle walked to the place she met the interns because Elle could never drive in those heels she wears.


Corrected entry: When Reese is driving to Boston from California she enters the city on the Tobin Bridge. She would only cross the Tobin Bridge had she come from California via New Hampshire. They should have shown her entering the city from the Mass Pike, coming from the west towards Cambridge, where Harvard is located.

Correction: It's an assumption that she drove directly from CA to Boston - which is unlikely. She could easily have flown into Logan Airport, met up with the removers and had her car delivered to there. They would then drive to Cambridge, over the Tobin.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle is sitting in a circle with other Harvard students, introducing themselves after they registered, there is a shot where you can see that there are 5 students plus the leader of the group. There is that David guy, that girl Enid, a guy in brown pants, the really smart guy, and then Elle. However, when they go around the circle saying there names, the guy in the brown pants is not there any more.

Correction: Actually he is there, only the camera has gone right past him. There was no need to interview him as he is not in any other part of the film.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, a reporter asks how Elle knew about the daughter killing the father and Brooke answers 'because she's amazing' but her mouth doesn't move.

Correction: Actually, Brooke says, "Because she's brilliant, of course." Also, after reviewing the clip repeatedly, including the use of the zoom function, you can see the actress' lips move, but due to the fact that she is smiling (wouldn't you be happy too if you were just released?) her lips don't make large movements as the line is delivered.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle is in her dorm room, and Bruiser (the dog) is watching the Taco Bell commercial, he is actually watching himself on TV. Bruiser is the Taco Bell dog.

Correction: Actually, Bruiser isn't. If you watch during the end credits, Bruiser is played by a dog other than Gidget, the Taco Bell dog.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle is on her way to her first class as a serious law student, she runs into her ex-boyfriend Warner, who is looking at a bulletin board and jotting some information down. However, at least one of the fliers on the board (at Harvard Law School) is an advertisement for an LSAT prep class. Now wouldn't students already enrolled in law school have no need for an LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) prep course?

Correction: Harvard is a large school with medical and business classes as well. It doesn't seem unlikely that from the first day of Gross Anatomy, a few new med-students would want to "jump ship" and check out the Law School and forget about Medical School. There's probably MCAT fliers hanging in the medical school's bulletin too.


Corrected entry: The first law class scene involves Reese Witherspoon getting kicked out of the room for being unprepared to answer questions regarding Gordon v. Steele, a very basic Civil Procedure case. The scene closes with the professor asking Selma Blair about the result in Gordon v. Steele. She responds that the court held that there was not diversity jurisdiction. The professor replies that Selma is correct. But, this is entirely the wrong answer. The court in that case held that there was diversity jurisdiction. Merely getting a case wrong would seem trivial, but again this is literally the first case any law student studies in Civil Procedure, a first year class. How could a screenwriter get this basic case completely wrong?

Correction: There was no error in that scene. When the Professor asks Vivian if there was diversity jurisdiction "in this case," she was referring to Elle being kicked out of class. At the very end of that exchange, just before the scene changes, the Professor begins to ask Vivian, "What about in Gordon v. Steele?" She was merely trying to contrast the two scenarios. Incidentally, not all Civ Pro professors choose to use Gordon v. Steele to instruct their students on diversity jurisdiction cases, nor do they all choose diversity jurisdiction as the very first topic to cover in the course.

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Revealing mistake: In the scene where Reese Witherspoon is entering the elevator after being harassed by her mentor, you can see Selma Blair's reflection in the plaque right before her cue. You see her reflection right before the doors close, so you know she was waiting for the cue. (01:12:20)

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Vivian: Nice outfit.
Elle: Oh, I like your outfit too, except when I dress up as a frigid bitch, I try not to look so constipated.

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Trivia: There is a scene in the movie where Elle is laying in bed watching an episode of General Hospital, depressed that Warner dumped her. In the same scene, Amy, one of the sorority girls, knocks on the door to make sure she is ok. Kimberly McCullough, who plays Amy in the movie, played Robin on General Hospital.

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Question: What are 'bangs'?

Answer: In hair terms, a fringe, the piece that hangs in front of your eyes. Seems to be just a US term.

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