A League Of Their Own

Continuity mistake: When the scout is watching Marla's batting practice in the gymnasium, the same shot is used twice when she hits the ball through the window. One far way, then one closeup.

William Bergquist

Continuity mistake: When the selected team members are announced, we see Mae and Doris hugging each other in rejoice. About one second later Kit is shown rushing through the crowd, and we now see Mae and Doris standing about two meters apart from each other, both facing towards the notice board, with a couple of other girls standing between them.

Continuity mistake: During the championship game Kit is pitching for Racine and her sister Dottie hits a line drive that almost "takes her head off". Later when Kit goes to the dugout, a closeup shot shows her sitting with a jacket on her right arm crying and freaking out because Dottie got the best of her once again. But in the next shot, Dottie comes walking out behind the plate to catch, looks over at Kit who is still crying in the dugout, and the jacket is no longer on Kit's arm as it was just a second before.

Factual error: In the first clubhouse scene, Jimmy Dugan is given a baseball card to autograph, It is a standard size card, which didn't get made until the 1950s. A Goudey card, which would have been appropriate for Dugan in the late 30s or early 40s, was much smaller.

Continuity mistake: When Dottie and Jimmy argue about whether Marla should bunt or swing, Doris is cleaning a chocolate bar from her cleats. The first shot shows the entire heel covered, and she is cleaning it off. The next shot shows the heel is clean. Then the next shot is back to the entire heel being covered with Doris trying to clean the chocolate off.

Factual error: In the train scene, a Frisco (SL-SF) steam locomotive is shown, but the Frisco system did not serve Oregon.

Other mistake: When Helen Haley is helping Shirley Baker find her name on the team rosters, she finds her on the first list on the board. That list is the roster for the Racine Belies, not the Rockford Peaches.

Factual error: One of the stadium banners reads "Catch A Foul - —Get A Kiss"; it is printed in the font Banco, which was created in 1951—, eight years after the film is set.

Continuity mistake: When Marla is taking batting practice in the gym, she hits a ball through a window. In no other shot is the window broken. Also, when the ball is going through the window from the outside shot, the ball is going through a different window.

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Factual error: In the final inning of the last world series game, Dottie is seen catching a pop up as she falls into the dugout. You see the ball go into her glove and then, before she even hits the ground in the dugout, the ball has moved to her throwing hand. There is no way a catcher would even attempt to transfer the ball from their glove hand to their throwing hand while falling like that.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy is shouting at the team members to get on the bus, we first see Evelyn and Doris in the background while they are descending the stairs of the hotel entrance and hurrying on the pathway towards the vehicle. Then the camera angle changes, and we now see them from a close distance descending the stairs again.

Continuity mistake: In the movie Ellen Sue (she played short stop and was a pitcher) was #1. You can see it on her uniform throughout the movie. At the very end when they are showing credits it shows pictures of the girls playing ball. On the back of Ellen Sue's uniform is shown #2. (00:35:50 - 01:59:25)

Continuity mistake: In the end credits where they are showing photographs of the girls, Rosie O'Donnell is wearing a Racine Belles uniform. Kit was the one who got traded to Racine, not Rosie.

Deliberate mistake: During the Hall of Fame sequence at the end, Dottie sees the display about Jimmie hitting 58 home runs and there is a long wide shot of it as she stands next to it. Then there is a close-up of the bottom of the text which says born 1906 - died 1987, which wasn't present during the wide shot a moment earlier. The filmmakers likely saved this for the close-up for dramatic effect, but by blocking the initial shot without that part obscured it makes the text magically appear out of nowhere.


Factual error: The gas ratio sticker on the car was an A sticker which was only 3 gal. of gas a week. Unlikely they could go from IL to OR on that small amount of fuel.

Factual error: In some scenes during the games, the sun is in the direction of right field shining towards home plate. In professional baseball games, this is never allowed due to the sun being in the batters eyes. Side note: This is why no ballpark in major leagues ever had home plate on the east side of stadiums when they were built.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy is talking to Dottie by her car before she goes home with Bob, the background behind Jimmy changes too much for the slight change in the angle of the camera (i e, a blue VW with three people standing by the trunk versus a red/burgundy car, plus the blue car reappears). The white representing the house behind the trees also looks different compared to a direct shot of the house. Also, the sun was shining, the road looked wet and a little later, the road looked dry. (01:30:46 - 01:31:07)


Revealing mistake: It is obvious Dottie's bat did not make contact with the ball when she hit the home run, and the sound of a bat hitting a ball was a little off. This is true for many others at bat during the movie. (00:11:50)


Revealing mistake: When Jimmy is talking to Dottie by her car, shots facing Dottie show her standing near the rear of her car, but shots facing Jimmy place Dottie close to the driver's door. Dottie is close to Jimmy (near the front) when he leaves, but is next shown taking a few steps from the rear of the vehicle to reach the front (where she just was). (01:30:46 - 01:32:08)


Factual error: Bob's ribbons on his uniform include the American Defense Service Medal which was issued from 1939 to Dec 7, 1941. Unlikely he'd have over 2 years of service (including pre-war) and only be a PFC. He was also missing the American Campaign Medal.

Kid: Mr. Dugan, can you sign my baseball card? Whoa... avoid the clap, signed Jimmy Dugan.
Jimmy: That's good advice!


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Trivia: Betty Spaghetti is played by director Penny Marshall's daughter, Tracy Reiner. Walter Harvey is played by the director's brother, Gary Marshall.


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Question: Why did Dottie want to be traded to another team, and why was Kit traded?

Answer: Dottie wanted to be traded to alleviate the sibling rivalry between her and her kid sister, Kit. Instead, Kit was the who was traded because Dottie was the more talented player.

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