Meet the Spartans

Revealing mistake: When Leonidas breaks his neck in the "stomp the yard" scene, a line can be seen where the neck will break open before it does. (00:33:20)

Revealing mistake: When Leonidas stabs a Persian with a sword and pulls it out, there is no blood on it.

logan crews

Revealing mistake: In the break-dancing scene, the dancing Spartans lose all of their muscle mass. The dancers are a lot leaner than the soldiers in the rest of the movie.

Revealing mistake: When Leonidas is training his son, in the long shots with the chair and vase, you can see in some shots that the kid has been replaced with a stunt double.

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Revealing mistake: In the Gatorade scene, when Sonio is passed a Gatorade it is red, when the camera pans back to him, there is blue Gatorade in the bottle and he is sweating blue.


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