Meet the Spartans
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Sonio: I brought you some fudge. Mom said you liked it packed.

Leonidas: Adjust you sword boy, it's digging into my back.
Sonio: But I'm not wearing my sword.
Leonidas: [Pause.] Carry on then.

Paris Hilton: I'm a Hilton, I don't bow... But I do bend over.

Leonidas: I'm assembling an army to go to war with Persia. I'm going to take them in the rear... And then I'm gonna reach around, and I'm gonna take them again from the front!

Captain: I remember when my father used to beat me.
Queen Margo: Traditional rites of passage.
Captain: No, my father was an alcoholic.

Captain: I'm going to go all Hercules on your ass!

Leonidas: Yo mama's so hairy, the only language she speaks is wookie!

Urban Girl: Yo mama's so fat, her pant size is, um... Um... Bitch, lose some weight!

Leonidas: That is how men great each other in Sparta: high-fives for the women and open-mouthed tongue kisses for the men!

Audio problem: When Britney Spears gets pushed into the Pit of Death, you hear her talk and scream but her lips are not moving.

Michael Piscitelli
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Trivia: Right when the Spartans start to push the Persians off of the cliff, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

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