Meet the Spartans

Corrected entry: In the final battle scene, a Spartan has a spear held to his penis, thus going through a Persian. But you can see he is holding it between his arm and chest.

logan crews

Correction: Thats the joke.

Corrected entry: If you have the unrated pit of death edition Ryan Seacrest pees his pants before he jumps in the pit of death. So he jumps in, but the pee is gone.

logan crews

Correction: Actually, the stain is still there. It's hard to see because the shot is so short, and the angle, the lighting, and the fact that it's a long shot make it hard to see. Yes, you have to pause the scene to see the stain, but it is there.

Corrected entry: When Margo is on the massage bed and after she is told she needs Traitoro's help, as she goes to lie back down, you can see the plaster covering her nipple.

Correction: The only way to see the plaster is to pause, and advance frame by frame. Not visible in normal viewing, therefore, not a valid mistake.

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