Meet the Spartans

Other mistake: When the captain gets shot with the spear after he kills Rocky, he falls to the ground, and you can see part of the spear sticking out. But where is the back end of the spear?

logan crews

Other mistake: When Dilio shows Leonidas he has lost his eyes we can see right through, but on the back of his head there are no holes, and if there were his hair is still covering them.

logan crews

Revealing mistake: When Leonidas breaks his neck in the "stomp the yard" scene, a line can be seen where the neck will break open before it does. (00:33:20)

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Leonidas: Adjust you sword boy, it's digging into my back.
Sonio: But I'm not wearing my sword.
Leonidas: [Pause.] Carry on then.

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Trivia: Right when the Spartans start to push the Persians off of the cliff, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

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Question: Who was the person on the YouTube video crying and why did the individual say to leave Britney alone?

Answer: He's Chris Crocker. In 2007, he made the YouTube video talking about everything Britney Spears had gone through, and he felt the media and people were ganging up on her and making fun of her, and he ended up breaking down and crying "leave Britney alone." It was thrown in the movie since the movie was making fun of Spears.


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