A Knight's Tale

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ademar is in France with the Free Companies, it is raining fairly heavily at the beginning of the scene. In the following shots, showing just Ademar and his squire, there is no rain visible, just fog in the background. After Ademar stabs the knife through the tournament result sheets, there is another wide shot, with rain again visible. (01:09:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Chaucer is introducing William at the end of the movie, he stands on the arms between the chairs of Prince Edward and the lady, a foot on each arm. When it cuts to a side view showing William's father to the Prince, Chaucer is no longer in between the chairs. Not to mention the fact that the Prince is looking at the railing (where Chaucer just was). The very next shot, he is back between the chairs. (02:03:05)

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Continuity mistake: Right before Wat Falhurst gives Sir Ulrich the kiss from Jocelyn there is a horse behind Wat that is being tended to by three guys. Each time the camera pans back to Wat from Sir Ulrich the horse is either there, gone, or moved to a different location. (01:14:30)


Continuity mistake: As the scene in which William is knighted begins, Roland takes a position to his right, holding a staff in both hands, raised to his right. Once the Prince reveals himself and approaches, Roland has the staff touching the ground, which is fine, he may have done that as a response to the Prince. Cut to a close-up of Roland's face an instant later, now he looks worried and the staff is raised to his right. Cut back to the Prince an instant later, and the staff is back on the ground.


Continuity mistake: In the Paris tournament, when William stops losing and starts winning, the 3rd knight he faces (the one whose helmet he knocks off) sets off with his lance in his left hand, but it switches to his right. Also, in the shot from behind the opponent, William moves his lance away from his adversary as they ride by. (01:22:25)

Continuity mistake: When Sir Ulrich first battles Count Adhemar after the first hit Sir Ulrich is taking to Roland stating how hard he hits. The camera angle from the front shows his arm bent in front of him but the camera angle from the back shows his arm resting on his leg. Happens about 3 times during the entire scene. (00:45:40)


Continuity mistake: When William is riding through the streets of London, Roland is shown walking in front of him. Next it shows Wat, Chaucer, and Kate walking behind him closest to the wall on the left. The next shot shows people on their left. Then it switches back and forth a few times. (01:34:05)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ulrich first rides to compete as Sir Ector ("We Will Rock You" is playing), there are various shots of the crowd enjoying the song. The woman seated to the right of the tournament sponsor (as you look at the screen) has a Princess Leia-type hairdo. Her buns sit high on the sides of her head in one shot, down lower in the next shot of her, and back up high in a third. (00:03:55)

Continuity mistake: When Wat Falhurst is stretching out Sir Ulrich's arm after losing on purpose, every time the camera pans back to Wat from Sir Ulrich, the horse behind Wat which is covered by a striped blanket is either there, gone, or moved to a different position. (01:24:00)


Continuity mistake: When William is let out of the stocks you see him take his hands out of the holes, however in the next shot you see him take his hands out of the holes again. (01:53:30)

Revealing mistake: At the very very end of the movie when everything has faded away and the camera pans in a circle around William and Jocelyn as they kiss, you can see a zipper in the back of Jocelyn's dress. (02:07:30)

Continuity mistake: When Geoffrey Chaucer is first seen walking naked down the road, the dirt smears on his body change with every shot of him. (00:14:50)


Continuity mistake: During the last match between William and Rufus the sun changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: In the part before the world championship, when everyone is trying to convince William to run away to avoid capture, the front edge of the large shoulder plate of his armor is in front of his breastplate in some scenes, and behind it in others. He stands virtually still during the scene, except for turning slightly. (01:44:20)

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Revealing mistake: After a naked Chaucer tells William of his gambling problem, and Simon the Summoner says that he owes 10 gold florins, when Wat angrily grabs Chaucer to punch him we see that Chaucer is actually wearing some type of underwear in the close-up. (00:26:05)

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Factual error: Worth mentioning, because we see it written on screen: in French, Jocelyn is a man's name -- even its pronounciation is different. For it to be a woman's name, it has to be spelled Jocelyne.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where William is having a discussion with Jocelyn in the stables, look at the top left corner of his breastplate. Between shots it changes from being tucked under his shoulderplate to being on top of it.

Revealing mistake: In the joust montage sequence when William allows himself to lose repeatedly in order to prove his love: Just after the shot of the white flags going up, we see "William" get hit again but it reveals itself to be a mechanical double first in the way it folds over backwards in a sharp 90 degree angle (no human can bend that way), and it reveals that there isn't a person within because it breaks with the lower portion of the "body". Shot from another angle (the right) the front portion of the saddle blocks this from view.

Factual error: Ulrich's armor repair is either gas welded or arc-welded, not Forge welded. Forge welding is the only type of welding available at the time and is usually extremely different if even noticeable. (00:35:10)

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film, when Heath Ledger has defeated Rufus Sewell, the amount of wood pieces in the air changes between shots.


Chaucer: Are you mad? You knowingly endanger a member of the royal family?
William: He knowingly endangers himself.

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Trivia: "The Knight's Tale" is the first chapter in Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales."

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Question: Wat keeps threatening to "fong" people. Is this a medieval term or did Alan Tudyk just think the word was funny?

Answer: In the commentary, Alan says that it means to kick someone. But the cast also thought it was funny.

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