Continuity mistake: At the petrol station, the oil on Roy's mouth keeps changing position.

Continuity mistake: Roy puts down his sun visor in the car but it is up again in the next camera view.

Factual error: In front of Woody's apartment, (supposed to be in Scranton, eastern Pennsylvania) you see a telephone pole with a PAT bus sign. Pat is the Pittsburgh system, in western Pennsylvania.

Factual error: The ball return the hustlers put Woody's hand in would NOT cut off or chew up his hand, maybe peel off a little skin....

Continuity mistake: At the end when Big Ern is taunting Roy, he starts shaking his arms when "Showdown" starts. He is standing up in the shot before. In the next shot he starts standing up and repeats the action.

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Continuity mistake: When Roy is bowling against the Priest in the upstairs bowling alley, during the first scene we get a view of an 8 lane alley. In subsequent scenes there are 10 or more lanes.

Robert Sullinger

Continuity mistake: During the ending concert with Blues Traveler, watch the shadows and the sky, it goes from later in the afternoon to around noon and back and forth several times.

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Visible crew/equipment: Right after Big Ern wins the tournament, he is rolling on the floor. Watch the left side of the floor near him, you can see a boom mic shadow.

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Factual error: There is no Brimfield in Pennsylvania. The Lancaster Bowl employee tells Roy that Ishmael is from an Amish community in Brimfield. (00:19:39)

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Suggested correction: Films, TV shows, and books regularly make up city names that don't constitute mistakes.


Continuity mistake: When Munson is bowling at the beginning of the film he does the "splits" and the ball is spinning in 1 spot then the ball starts to roll again, in the next scene the ball is traveling at a higher speed than the scene before.

Roy: Hey, Herbie! How's life?
Scranton Wino: Taking forever.

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Trivia: The announcer at the beginning of the national bowling tournament in the end is Blues Traveler singer John Popper. The band also performs at the end of the film.

T Poston

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