Factual error: During the movie, which is based in '79, Roy has a Rhino bowling ball. Rhinos weren't made until '85.

Factual error: In the scene that takes place in 1969, the car in the garage next door is a 1973 Buick.

Factual error: The US postal logo shown on the postbox was not used until after 1979.

Factual error: During the video montage after Roy, Claudia and Ishmael decide to go to Reno, Ish is seen sitting up in the back of the convertible. There should be a lot of wind but Ishmael's hair doesn't really move and he is even able to light his "smoking device" despite being in the open air. Toward the beginning of the scene Claudia and Ish are dancing in the back of the car and Claudia's hair is being blown around.

Factual error: In front of Woody's apartment, (supposed to be in Scranton, eastern Pennsylvania) you see a telephone pole with a PAT bus sign. Pat is the Pittsburgh system, in western Pennsylvania.

Factual error: The ball return the hustlers put Woody's hand in would NOT cut off or chew up his hand, maybe peel off a little skin....

Factual error: There is no Brimfield in Pennsylvania. The Lancaster Bowl employee tells Roy that Ishmael is from an Amish community in Brimfield. (00:19:39)

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Suggested correction: Films, TV shows, and books regularly make up city names that don't constitute mistakes.


Revealing mistake: In the middle of the movie, Roy is flossing his teeth by himself. In the mirror as well as when he turns around, you can see his hand holding the hook, if you look closely. (00:58:33)

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Neighbor: Roy, can you get sick drinkin' piss?
Roy: I think you can.
Neighbor: Even if it's your own?

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Trivia: In the opening scene where at the bottom of the screen it says Ocelot, Iowa 1969. That gas station scene was actually shot in Mars, Pennsylvania.

Joe Campbell

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