No Country For Old Men

Factual error: When Josh Brolin is leaning on the cinder block fence at the motel towards the end of the film, behind him are some mountains and a tall building. The scene is set in El Paso, Texas but the mountains shown are the Sandia Mountains which are east of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Factual error: The phone bill shows several calls from Area Code 210 (San Antonio). This Area Code did not exist until 1992, some 12 years after the movie is set.

Factual error: Carla Jean says she works at the Walmart in Sanderson, Texas. There is no Walmart there, nor has there ever been. The nearest one is 65 miles away in Fort Stockton.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the two sheriffs inspect the burning car, Wendell puts his thumbs in his back pockets, where they remain for the next two shots from behind. Shots from the front, however, have Wendell's left hand in front, with his thumb through his belt. (00:27:30 - 00:28:30)

Continuity mistake: During the gas station scene, Chigurh is continually eating from his bag of nuts. During the conversation between Chigurh and the attendant, as the camera cuts back and forth between them, Chigurh keeps eating a nut from behind, and then from the front, his hands are by his side and he eats a nut again. This occurs several times throughout the scene.

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Nervous Accountant: Are you going to shoot me?
Anton Chigurh: That depends. Do you see me?

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Trivia: The same black satchel that's used for the money appears in Fargo (1996), also a movie by the Coen brothers.


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Question: The border guard who questions Llewelyn when he returns from Mexico seems a lot like M. Emmet Walsh. Since he was the lead character in the Coen brothers debut, "Blood Simple", it is likely that he's making a cameo for them. Is it him?

Answer: No. Brandon Smith is credited with playing the part.


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