No Country For Old Men

Anton Chigurh (Bardem) kills Carson Wells (Harrelson) and the man who hired him (Root) for the inconvience of having them tracking him down. Llewelyn Moss (Brolin) realising that Chigurh is closing in, tries to meet with his wife Carla Jean (Macdonald) at a motel in El Paso, but he ends up getting shot and killed by the gang of Mexicans that were following Carla Jean and her mother (supposedly he had been drinking with a neighbouring tenant before the Mexicans arrived). Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Jones) arrives seconds after the shootout and is so shocked by his failure to protect Moss that he decides to retire. In a largely ambiguous scene, Bell returns to the crime scene late at night and finds the keyhole to Moss' room missing. Chigurh is seen hiding behind the door looking at a reflection in the hole. Bell works up the courage to go inside and finds no-one inside. Whether or not, Chigurh was in the same room at the time is open to debate. While inside he finds an air vent that has been opened with a coin, which meant Chigurh was most definitely in the room at some point and had taken the money that Moss hid. Bell meets with his uncle Ellis (Corbin), who tells him about vanity and how it applies to his job and the increasing danger that it entails (Bell relates it to Chigurh). Chigurh tracks down Carla Jean and flips a coin for her. She refuses to call it, and it is implied that he kills her (as he leaves, he looks at his shoes for blood). While driving away, Chigurh's car is struck by another motorist, and he leaves the accident with a broken arm. A teenage boy passing by helps him by giving his shirt to use as a sling, and in return Chigurh gives him some money. Chigurh walks away. The final scene shows Bell having a discussion with his wife Loretta, about two dreams he had about his father. Both dreams connect and signify his large responsibility for his failures and fear of his final judgement.

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Nervous Accountant: Are you going to shoot me?
Anton Chigurh: That depends. Do you see me?



In the scene at the motel where Chigurh kills three men, he goes to sit on the bed where he removes his socks. In the background one of the 'dead' men opens his eyes and looks around.



After burning and exploding a car, Anton Chigurh enters in a pharmacy called Mike Zoss Pharmacy, to steal syringes, antibiotics and other stuff. The Coen brothers hung out at the real "Mike Zoss Drugs" when they were growing up and named it after him in the film as an homage. Mike Zoss Productions is the name of their production company (also named after the same man).