Other mistake: During the ride in the car, DeVito talked to another doctor at the hospital and stated that he only wanted three people in the room during the delivering of the baby. But when they get there, there are five people in the room, yet nobody reacts to that.

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Suggested correction: The people present in the delivery room are Alex, Larry, Ned, Louise and an unnamed anesthesiologist. Yes, Larry stated he only wanted Ned and Louise to be the other people in the room, but Ned was concerned about doing a surgery without an anesthesiologist and it would have been too late to do anything about it when Larry gets Alex there.

Continuity mistake: When Schwarzenegger's urine is tested for pregnancy, the colour of the contents of the vial does not stay the same for two consecutive shots.

Audio problem: There is a scene in the lab where Arnie is explaining his pregnancy to Emma. The shot cuts to a side-on, rear shot of Arnie and it is very clear his mouth or jaw isn't moving and yet you can hear him talking.

David Mercier

Continuity mistake: While chasing Alex out of the hospital, Diana knocks into a man who is on roller blades and he falls over. Yet in all shots afterward he is not on the floor and we never see him get up.


Factual error: Danny De Vito's ex-wife is about three months further along than Arnold Schwarzenegger, yet they give birth on the same day. It is stated in the movie that Schwarzenegger was pregnant for more than eight months, so she would be at least 11 months pregnant, which of course isn't possible.

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Suggested correction: When Angela announces her pregnancy to Larry she states she is "7 weeks give or take." When they find out they have been turned down by the FDA it is a week later, putting her roughly around 8 weeks pregnant at the time that Larry talks Alex into doing the experiment and Alex becomes pregnant. When Alex announced his pregnancy to Diana he said he is "now 7 months to term." When Alex is checked into the home for expectant mothers he states he is "almost 8 months pregnant" but since it doesn't specify how close he could be anywhere between the 7 and 8 month mark. Larry stated that he would only be gone 3-4 days so Alex may have still been in his 7th month prior to the birth. This puts Angela at an acceptable due date when she goes into labor, especially if one goes by the 40 week human gestation.

Revealing mistake: When Alex throws Banes at the lab, you can see the stunt double falling for him.


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