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Corrected entry: When Arnie goes into labour and has locked himself in the room, why do the nurses and doctor not come in to help? Although they don't know the details of the situation, "she" is in a lot of pain and needs medical assistance. There must be a way for getting into the room, otherwise cleaners, room service etc. could not get in. It just seems a little hard to believe that a dozen medical professionals would wait patiently outside a room when a "woman" is in labour inside it.

David Mercier

Correction: The doctors and other staff do not know that 'Alexandra' is in labour. When they first escort her to her room, she says "I'm fine, I just need a lie down". The doctors obviously believe she has pain related to something else less serious than labour.

Corrected entry: While this film is a comedy, it is medically impossible for a man to carry a child. Where did Alex carry the baby? In his stomach, full of stomach acid? How would the baby get nutrients?

Correction: Actually, this is not impossible. Scientists have already caused a male mouse to bear a pregnancy. Once the egg is fertilized, the hormones, etc. it produces can cause it to implant and connect to the blood supply in almost any tissue in the abdominal cavity regardless of the sex of the host (this is how ectopic pregnancies form in women). Of course, it would be attached to one the walls of the abdominal cavity as it would interfere with organ function if it were attached to an organ.


Corrected entry: Both Emma Thompson and Arnold Schwarzennegger pick up items out of liquid nitrogen with their bare hands. It should freeze their fingers.

Correction: Actually, while it's rather dangerous, you can put your fingers in liquid nitrogen without damage. Provided that you don't leave them in more than a fraction of a second. When I was doing a Cellular and Molecular Biology degree, we used to scare the unwary by putting our hands in it and swishing them around.

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