Continuity mistake: When the monkeys are in town looking at the electronics store TVs, there is no sun in front of the store. Once the angle changes to a front view, the sun is now shining where the monkeys were standing in shadow before. (01:05:15)

Continuity mistake: After being startled by the grandfather clock, Alan drops the dice on the board. Between a wide shot and a close-up of the board, the location of where the dice fall changes greatly. They have also moved when Alan gets sucked into the game. (00:13:20 - 00:14:15)

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Visible crew/equipment: Just before the monsoon, everyone is in the attic and Judy tells Sarah that she needs to roll a 12 to win. When it cuts to Peter, you can see his tail behind him, and the wire attached to the tail is visible, holding it up and swinging it about. (01:15:35)

Continuity mistake: After the stampede, Alan runs off, then so do Sarah and Peter, and then the phone rings, so Judy answers it. Down the hallway you can see a chandelier, barely swinging. Yet when it cuts to Judy answering the phone, the chandelier is swinging much more violently. (00:57:35)

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Continuity mistake: In the kitchen Alan opens the fridge and the monkey runs out. Judy is standing there and both her plaits are hanging behind her. In the next shot they are both hanging over her right shoulder. (00:41:25)

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Continuity mistake: When the cop's car windshield gets destroyed, he says, "my car, my car..." When he's driving Alan, more of the glass is there.


Continuity mistake: Throughout the day the sun seems to go from an afternoon dusk sun when Van Pelt returns to the house, to an overhead sun during the stampede in town. It also goes from overcast and cloudy to clear cloudless sky with sun from shot to shot. (01:02:30)

Continuity mistake: When Alan's dad enters the car, he turns it on, yet you don't hear the engine start. When he shifts gears, you finally hear it start. (00:11:15)


Continuity mistake: In the supermarket, right before Peter spills detergent on the floor there's a shot of his feet walking by a shelf. The corner of the shelf is spotless, yet a frame later, from a wider angle, it's all covered with garbage.

Sacha Premium member

Deliberate mistake: When the house is splitting in two, the board game should have fallen long before it actually does. (01:25:25)

Continuity mistake: While Alan is handcuffing Carl to the police car, the sky is clear and the sun is shining from the left (driver's) side of the car (indicated by strong shadows). As Alan is tossing the cuff keys away, the camera cuts to a view of the back of the police car which was shot on an overcast day, with the shadows very muted, and the sun coming from the car's right side. The view cuts again as Alan turns to run back to the police car, and we're back in bright sunlight from the left side. A couple shots later, as the car is reversing into the quick U-turn, the sun is shining from the car's right side again, this time with strong shadows. (01:09:30)

Continuity mistake: When Alan explains who he is to Sarah, she peers out through a door that's only open a crack. But when the shot cuts to Alan, his entire head and practically both his shoulders are visible through the door. When it switches back to Sarah, Alan appears to be at least two feet away (since he's totally out of the shot) and the door is still open the crack of a few inches. (00:47:20)

Continuity mistake: When Robin Williams and the cop are driving to the store in the cop car after the windshield was broken, neither of their hair is messed up and they can see clearly. (01:12:50)

Continuity mistake: When the LeBaron gets hit by the ambulance, we see that it comes to a stop about 10-15 feet from the corner. When the paramedics come out to help the woman in the car, it is now right at the corner. (00:38:50)

Visible crew/equipment: When the lion first emerges from the Jumanji, Alan tackles with it and it then jumps at him, and lands on a long carpet, and goes sliding along on the carpet, into a bedroom. The black wire used for pulling the carpet along is visible, yet best seen in slow motion. (00:28:30)

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Continuity mistake: When the hunter fires at the cop (with his old gun) he fires once and the cop ducks behind the car. We see three bullet holes in the car when there should only be one. (00:56:15)

Other mistake: Alan's dice rolls throughout the movie does not add up to the 33 steps needed to win the game. The four paths vary from 32-35 steps to win. Alan rolls a 5, Then his next roll isn't visible but the location of the elephant, when Robin Williams returns after being hunted by Van Pelt, is square 9, making his roll a 4 (the dice shows 3 but they aren't reliable since they could've shifted in the commotion). His next roll is a 7 and the winning roll is a 3 for a total of 19. Even if we allow his second (questionable) roll to score 11 it still only lands him on 26. Alan never rolls a bonus roll. And no, shortcuts across the board weren't used since Alan's elephant finishes its original path when it crosses into Jumanji. Furthermore, statements made by the cast that they only need a certain roll to win the game are pretty much all inaccurate if you count their rolls and steps along their path.

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Suggested correction: It's possible that where the paths cross don't count as "spaces" since two players can't be on the same path. Meaning each path is only 26 spaces (including the final Jumanji space). If we do count Alan's 2nd roll as 11 then he won in the required amount of spaces. The only two that are actually inaccurate are when Peter stated he was 10 spaces away when he cheated (he would have been 19 spaces away) and Sarah being 12 spaces away when she only rolled a 3.

Character mistake: When young Alan is talking young Sarah, he says that he found a board game at the factory. Alan didn't find the game at the factory. He found the game across from the factory at a construction site.

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Suggested correction: The construction might very well be part of the factory, a new factory building for example.


The sign at the construction site said it was an "Executive Office Annex" that they were building.


Continuity mistake: The licence plate on Carl's car is "G2298" but after finding the car which the monkeys had smashed into a tree, as he reverses, the plate is "DBA 454." (00:50:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Alan is eating dinner, and his father is shouting at him, the fork and knife on Alan's dinner plate moves around between shots. (00:09:40 - 00:11:00)

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Trivia: The music playing when Van Pelt enters the store to buy a new rifle and ammo is no less than the Mexican national anthem, and it was- by the way- eliminated from the film soundtrack when this movie played in Mexico. (01:00:25)

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Question: When Judy was stung by that plant and she collapsed, I never really understood what happened. She collapsed but was she poisoned and killed or just paralyzed? Anybody have the faintest idea? That's the only bit I never understood. I thought she was shot by poisonous darts...

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Answer: Since the barb was poisonous, she was dying. This is seen when she begins looking pale and a few seconds later she isn't moving. Finishing the game was the only way to save her life.

Chosen answer: She was just temporarily immobilized by the venom - it wears off after a few minutes.

The Doctor

No, it doesn't. Alan said the purple plants shoot poisonous barbs. After being hit, by them, Judy was slowly being poisoned to death.

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