Factual error: Carl tells Alan that his police cruiser is brand new, but the Chevrolet Caprice he is driving is a 1991 or 1992 model as it has "skirted" rear wheel wells.

Continuity mistake: When Judy is fighting off the spiders, the floor breaks and a purple plant comes out of the floor and shoots her in the neck. You can see the barbs, but in the next shot when her brother starts running toward her, they magically disappear, and in the next shot they appear again. (01:30:30)

Continuity mistake: In the scene in which an ambulance wrecks the back of Judy and Peter's realtor, the license plate on the front of their car reads DBA-454. However, in the scene where Carl finds his car wrecked into a tree, when he backs out, his license plate also reads DBA-454. (00:38:50 - 00:52:35)


Continuity mistake: When Peter sets the Jumanji game on the table for the first time, it is placed sideways in the wide shots, or parallel to the table in the close-ups.

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Continuity mistake: When Alan confronts the lions, he stabs the knife on the floor facing a 4 o'clock position. when the angle changes it faces 6 o'clock.

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Continuity mistake: When Peter's foot is trapped by the carnivore plant and is held up by the 3 guys, his jacket is alternately hanging loose or stuck under Sarah's arm.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the monkeys enter the cop's car there's a huge lighting screen with a bunch of tubes reflected on the left side of the car.

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Continuity mistake: When the cop is about to run Alan over with the car, first Alan is standing sideways on the road, then there's a close-up of him turned 90ยบ looking straight at the cop, then a third angle shows him turning around from the initial sideways position.

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Revealing mistake: When the monkeys are in the garden, running away, just after Judy says "Beware", they cast no shadow either on the paved entrance, nor on the grass, plus they move as if in stop-motion, instead of the perfect movement they did before.

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Continuity mistake: When the spiders show up, Alan's hair is covering his right temple or not, depending on the angle. This changes back and forth.

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Continuity mistake: When the hunter crashes against the supermarket wall it makes no mess - as the final wide angle reveals, yet when the kids arrive the whole place has stuff scattered all over.

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Continuity mistake: When Alan is about to cry "stampede!" several books fall on the floor. After he shouts it, there's a wide angle and the books are gone.

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Continuity mistake: When the cop is about to encounter Alan, there are two passers-by behind the car who disappear in the close-up angle.

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Continuity mistake: When Van Pelt shoots the tire shelf in the store, the attached red wood triangle support is actually different between shots - note paint and dings. Furthermore, dirt marks on the tires appear, and two of the slotted heads of the screws, that are screwed into the anchor eye plate, are turned facing opposite directions (before it breaks). (01:09:25)

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Revealing mistake: When they are escaping from the giant mosquitos, Peter shifts the car into 1st gear, not drive. (00:40:40)

Visible crew/equipment: When the police car gets dragged off by the vines, there are wires visible attached to the boot of the car. (01:18:00)


[Alan is explaining to Sarah why Van Pelt is chasing him.]
Sarah: Well, have you ever thought about sitting down and talking about your differences?
Alan: What are you, crazy? The man has a gun.
Sarah: Don't ever call me crazy, Alan. Ever. Because everyone in this town has been calling me crazy ever since I told the cops you were sucked into a board game.

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Trivia: The music playing when Van Pelt enters the store to buy a new rifle and ammo is no less than the Mexican national anthem, and it was- by the way- eliminated from the film soundtrack when this movie played in Mexico. (01:00:25)

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