Jingle All the Way

Continuity mistake: Throughout the scene where Jamie and Howard are in Jamie's room, as Jamie is drawing, keep an eye on his picture. It is inconsistent between shots.

Continuity mistake: When we see Howie reach his hand to pat the reindeer, he is clearly wearing gloves. As the reindeer snaps at his hand, we see he is no longer wearing gloves.

Continuity mistake: When Howard is first talking to the Santa in the department store the Santa tells him to "Have a little respect for the suit" then part of it slides off like it was glued on. He then sticks it on again. Problem is, when they are fighting at the conmen's hideout, he takes him down by pulling his beard - that is now held on by an elastic cord and snapping it back. Granted it is not the same scene, however the only thing that happened between these two shots is them driving to the hideout and he would have had no reason to change it.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Howard is 'going to work' and Jamie is trying to talk him into staying, at first the cereal bowl has only a little bit of cereal. Then in the next shot, it is almost full again.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene with Sinbad and Howard in the radio place, Sinbad gets enraged, then throws the package (thought to be a bomb) and Howard hits the deck. The package lands at Howard's head, but in the next shot, it's way over to his left.

Continuity mistake: Howard knocks the wiseman's head into the fire. In the wide shot before he notices, the head is no longer in the fire, but in the next shot, it is once again in the fire.

Continuity mistake: In the scene, when Liz (Rita Wilson) is making cookies, Ted (Phil Hartman) comes in. In the shot, when she is scooping the cookies off the baking tray onto the plate, she only has 1 on the plate. The camera then goes to Ted, and in the next shot, nearly all of the cookies are on the plate. How could she have done that so quickly? They were so neatly arranged on the plate, and none were broken.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Howard is in Ted's house stealing the Turbo Man doll, and he catches the wiseman on fire, we see a shot of carollers outside. The ground is covered in snow and the sky is overcast. Howard then kicks the wiseman's fiery head out the door in the direction of the carollers, and the carollers scream and run away. It is now sunny outside and most of the snow is melted.

Continuity mistake: When Howard is breaking into Ted's house he uses a credit card to get in. The camera shows a close up of the lock and door knob from the inside twice, both times you can see that the door is not shut properly.

Continuity mistake: At the end of his jetpack flight, Howie is diving headfirst straight down towards the ground. Then when the camera changes shot to see his landing, he hits the ground at a completely different angle, on his back. Furthermore, he suffers no injuries - that costume must be very well padded.

Continuity mistake: During the parade you can clearly see trees in the background with plenty of green leaves.

Continuity mistake: At the part where Howie is in the neighbours' house "stealing" the Turbo Man the head of a statue catches on fire. He tries a couple of times to get the fire out. In one shot the head is right next to his foot and in the next shot the head is gone. Then in the very next shot the head is back and he kicks it out the window.

Continuity mistake: Myron and Howard are in the restaurant while Myron is drinking an uncapped beverage. During their conversation, the camera cuts to reveal the bottle now capped.


Continuity mistake: When turbo man takes of his helmet at the end, his head gear has completely changed, he is no longer wearing the pink neck collar or head covering, or the bits that cover his ears that match his costume, he is wearing a normal helmet.

Continuity mistake: When the cop salutes Turboman at the parade, the coffee he spilled on his gloves minutes earlier has mysteriously disappeared, as have the marks all over him from the explosion earlier.

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Continuity mistake: Howard arrives back at his home in a tow truck. It is obviously late in the day judging by the sun angle. In the next scenes however it is afternoon. The parade takes place in bright midday sunshine.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Arnold trips up Sinbad with a remote control car, as he slips upwards the car comes to a halt. We see a brief shot of Sinbad on his back after he's landed - the car has vanished. His post bag is also closed, and there's nothing on top of him. But in the next shot where Arnold runs past and says 'Aww Poor baby', he is covered in letters. (00:20:35)


Continuity mistake: When Howard is drinking beer with the reindeer he looks at Jamie's drawing. Then when he says "It's time I started keeping my promises" the drawing which we can see behind him has changed into a completely different drawing. (00:56:50)


Continuity mistake: When we see Howie reach his hand to pat the reindeer, he is clearly wearing gloves. As the reindeer snaps at his hand, we see he is no longer wearing gloves.

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Trivia: The diner Howard goes into after pushing his car is Mickey's Diner in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. The same diner was used in The Mighty Ducks, also shot in Minnesota. In this film however, the interior is a set. The interior of the real Mickey's Diner is not as spacious as shown in the film.

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Question: What is the orchestral music playing while Howard is chasing the ball through the Mall of America?

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