Jingle All the Way

Corrected entry: The password used at the crook's Santa Claus warehouse, originates from the Batman animated series episode 'Christmas with the Joker', where the named villain chants it while decorating the Arkham Asylum Christmas tree.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie Howie dresses up in a Turbo Man costume, with real working discs shooting out of his arms, and a real working jetpack loaded with fuel on his back. It seems unnecessarily extravagant for a costume, unless the real Turbo Man actor was supposed to do some kind of a stunt as part of the show - but that would have been very dangerous in a public place with no wires or safety net.

Correction: Just because it would have been dangerous doesn't mean that it couldn't have happened. The people running the show would obviously have prepped all of the performers enough to think that it was safe enough. Also, of course he "was supposed to do some kind of a stunt as part of the show", the commentators even announced it.


Corrected entry: When Howard is dressed as Turbo Man, basically all he has covering his face is a yellow shield, and yet his own son still doesn't recognize him? Toss in his voice on top of it and you'd think at least the Mom or the son would know it was him. But noooo.....

Correction: This also applies to Superman and Spider-Man. It is part of the fantasy element of the film.

Corrected entry: Arnold is chased by the Police Officer through some busses, but it's Christmas Eve, when there's no school, so there would be no need for busses to bring students to the parade. (01:04:10)

Correction: Actually, a lot of school groups (bands, flag teams, etc.) will meet at the school and ride to the parade area as a group. That way, they know that everyone is there and on time.


Corrected entry: Jamie tells his dad that batteries aren't included with Turbo Man. But when his dad gets the German version from the mall Santa, the toy speaks immediately when the button is pressed.

Correction: Character mistake, even if he was correct it makes it a mistake on the manufacturers not on the film makers. Also, some toys are purposely packaged with weak cheap batteries that only have enough power to run the demo functions but won't run the full functionality.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where they hand out the balls, for the Turbo Man dolls, when Arnold shouts the mailman's got 2, you can see a ball clearly right in front of his face, why doesn't he get that ball?

Correction: He yelled that so the mailman wouldn't get away and so that everyone will go after the mailman since they are trying to get back at eachother.

Corrected entry: when Jamie is describing the Turboman doll to Arnie; Jamie says: "accessories sold separately, batteries not included"; but in a later scene, when Arnie is breaking into the neighbours' house to steal his Turboman doll, he shakes it and it says "it turbo time". Where'd the mystery batteries come from?

Correction: The father could have put the batteries in the doll, before wrapping it.

Bruce Minnick

Plot hole: How would Arnold know about the cop hitting the bus when he was running away from him during the parade? He was far past him at that point.

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Jamie: I want the Turbo Man action figure with the arms and legs that move and the boomerang shooter and his rock'n roller jet pack and the realistic voice activator that says 5 different phrases including, "It's Turbo time!" Accessories sold separately. Batteries not included.

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Trivia: The diner Howard goes into after pushing his car is Mickey's Diner in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. The same diner was used in The Mighty Ducks, also shot in Minnesota. In this film however, the interior is a set. The interior of the real Mickey's Diner is not as spacious as shown in the film.

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Question: How come the little girl didn't give Howard back his ball when he tried to retrieve it around the mall?


Answer: Most likely, she decided to keep it and not want to give it to Howard which is why she put it in her mouth.

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