Jackie Brown

Factual error: The mobile phone which Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson) uses in the film is the Motorola StarTac, which was made during 1997. During the movie Michael Keaton says in his tape recorder : "date, July, 1st 1995....", telling us the film's set in 1995.

Factual error: When Max returns to get his gun from Jackie, she invites him in for a cup of coffee. She puts on a Delfonics record, which starts with the song "Didn't I Blow Your Mind." It then goes to the song "La La Means I Love You." She doesn't touch the record once it starts playing. There was not a Delfonics record pressed that has those two songs together in that order.


Factual error: Ordell's house is set in Hermosa Beach. In the scenes that you can see out of his living room window, there is the beach, and a bike path approximately halfway between the house and the ocean. The bike path in the movie is a good distance from the house, but in actuality the Hermosa Beach bike path is right in front of the houses. There is also a rock formation seen outside of the window, which is not in Hermosa Beach either.


Continuity mistake: Pay attention in the beginning of the movie, when Ordell is showing some "girls with guns" to De Niro. While he suggests to run fast the tape, he presses the REWIND key. The expected one would be the FF key. (00:04:25)

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Trivia: In one of the deleted scenes on the DVD (the one between Jackie and the cop in the restaurant) the cop is about to call over a waitress and he says 'Garçon' Jackie then corrects him and says 'Garçon means boy.' The same thing happens in Pulp Fiction when Tim Roth shouts for a waitress. Tarantino has said that the 'Garçon Waitress' will probably be a waitress in all of his films.

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