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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie in a scene playing in July 1995 Max Cherry says that he is 56 years old. But earlier we see his bail-agent-id on which his date of birth is stated as 03.15.48. This date of birth would make him 47 years old. The info displayed on the ID is that of Robert Forrester, the actor who plays him.

Correction: Robert Forster was born on 7/13/41, so the ID card was not his at all.

Correction: Scene not on DVD - saw the film 5 times. Forster shows his ID once in the entire film, to Jackie Brown when he picks he up from jail, in his car when she asks to see it, and the info. Shows the entire card. Says "Max Cherry (etc.), with no birth date on it. Nor any date at all. Maybe it was re-shot on the DVD or at some point after its theater run ended?

Corrected entry: In the sequence of scenes where Max Cherry picks up Jackie Brown from jail after bonding her out, he arrives in a green 'Independent Limited' taxi which he is driving. Jackie looks for cigarettes in the glove compartment and sees Max's handgun, which she eventually steals. The two stop for drinks at the Cockatoo Inn Lounge, then Max drops her off at her house. When he drives away we see he is now inexplicably driving his silver-blue Cadillac. A split screen shows Max pull up to his office and open the glove compartment (of the Cadillac) to get his gun, realizing Jackie took it. The scenes play seamlessly, implying that the glove compartment she sees the gun in at first is the one it is missing from when Max discovers it's gone, which is impossible because the cars are different. (00:41:35 - 00:51:45)

Correction: The taxi in the scene is just sitting there. They walk right past it to go out to where his car is parked. They are not shown getting into it so why is it assumed it's the car they're getting in. Max drives a blue caddy.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, when Jackie Brown is in uniform, she wears a set of 'wings' pinned to her jacket. In aviation, only the Pilots/flight crew get badges with 2 wings, and the Cabin crew/ flight attendants get one or half a set of wings.


Correction: She stole it, swapped something for it, bought it, found it, gift from a lover, they belonged to her husband, etc. Any number of explanations.

Corrected entry: Max Cherry, the bail bondsman, tells Ordell that if Beaumont runs on the bail, Ordell will have to pay for Max's expenses in finding him. This makes no sense because Max is holding the full $10,000 bond in cash as collatoral. So if Beaumont runs, he would just keep the money he's holding, and would not chase Beaumont.

Correction: The $10,000 Max is holding would have to be paid to the court if Beaumont fails to appear in court. To avoid paying Max would have to find Beaumont (probably using a bounty hunter) and surrender him to the court. That is why he would need the additional money.

Correction: QT didn't "miss" anything. In fact, he avoided communications with Elmore Leonard for the better part of a year, because he was afraid that Leonard wouldn't like the race change.

Corrected entry: When Bridget Fonda comes to the door of the dressing room to exchange the bags, Jackie knows she's there because she can see her feet. However, when Max goes to get the real bag, you can see that the dressing room doors go all the way to the floor.

Correction: The exchange happens between stalls (which one can see do not go all the way to the ground) and not under the door.

Correction: When Max walks in to the dressing room to retrieve the bag, both side walls also go to the floor.

Continuity mistake: Jackson, Fonda & De Niro are first together in Jackson's apartment and Fonda is sitting provocatively on the sofa in shorts with her legs crossed right/left. Shot changes over Fonda's shoulder and her legs are crossed left/right, back to original shot and her legs are crossed right/left again. (00:06:40)

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Ordell Robbie: See, that shit works my nerves, you being all buddy-buddy with that motherfucker.
Jackie Brown: If I wasn't so buddy-buddy with that motherfucker, none of this would work.

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Trivia: In one of the deleted scenes on the DVD (the one between Jackie and the cop in the restaurant) the cop is about to call over a waitress and he says 'Garçon' Jackie then corrects him and says 'Garçon means boy.' The same thing happens in Pulp Fiction when Tim Roth shouts for a waitress. Tarantino has said that the 'Garçon Waitress' will probably be a waitress in all of his films.

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