Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Continuity mistake: When Indy escapes out of his office through the window, there are no shadows around. Half a second later, from a different angle, two long shadows have appeared underneath the window.

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Continuity mistake: At the very end of the movie, when they all ride off through a tunnel, you can see all sorts of tassels hanging off each of the horses. When they reach the end of the tunnel and are riding off into the sun, there are no tassels at all apparent.

Continuity mistake: The blood on Indy's left ear disappears at the end of the film.


Continuity mistake: When Indy kisses Elsa in her room in Venice, you can see there is nothing on Elsa's left shoulder, but when the camera angle changes in the next shot, Indy now has his hand on her shoulder.

Continuity mistake: Indy slams a pole against the big X on the floor and produces a hole. When the angle changes the shape of the hole is completely different.

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Continuity mistake: While in the zeppelin, the German officer extends his baton and lowers Dr. Jones's newspaper, wrinkling it. From the opposite angle, the newspaper is still raised and the officer repeats the previous movements, though this time he doesn't wrinkle the newspaper.

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Continuity mistake: Hitler walks surrounded by a huge crowd ahead holding Nazi pennants. When Indy bumps into Hitler, half a second later, the pennants on the left have disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: Dr. Jones hugs his son and walks 20 meters away. When he turns around to address him, he is barely 5 meters away.

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Continuity mistake: When a jeep gets stuck to the tank's cannon, the type of jeep, its position and the damage done changes between the first and second shot (watch how the smashed windows fix themselves, for example).

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Continuity mistake: When Dr. Jones, Sallah and Marcus walk away from the cliff, from a back angle Indy has his jacket on except for the left shoulder uncovered. A frame later, from a front angle, the jacket is covering his shoulder.

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Continuity mistake: In front of the main tribune there's a pile of burning books. First the fire is just atop, a frame later the whole pile is burning.

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Continuity mistake: When Indy jumps on Kazim's boat, Elsa's boat is inches away from Kazim's, but a shot later she has managed to appear somewhere else with no boats around.

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Continuity mistake: When about to walk on air in the temple, Indy says, "No one could jump this". In the close-ups his hands are spread apart, but in the wide angle they are grabbing the diary.

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Continuity mistake: The German Nazi suddenly disappears from the tank when it crashes on the ground (as is replaced by an obvious scale model).

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Continuity mistake: When Donovan turns into a living corpse the badge on his lapel disappears.

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Continuity mistake: When Donovan drinks from the grail his left hand holds the base with extended fingers. A frame later they are bent.

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Continuity mistake: When Indiana's dad blows up the truck beside them during the chase, there's a big explosion. However, in the next shot showing Indiana and Ernst Vogel, the same explosion behind them is smaller.


Continuity mistake: When Indy and Kazim are about to jump off from the chopped boat, the boat swaps from sinking to floating between frames.

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Continuity mistake: The position of the stone that Indy places to block the cannon changes between shots.

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Continuity mistake: Right before the castle is on fire, there is a chair very close to the fireplace. When the place starts to burn, father and son take shelter under the fireplace thanks to the fact that the chair has magically moved several meters away.

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Revealing mistake: In the catacombs of the library, Indy and Elsa are waist deep in petroleum. Indy has a torch, and if you look carefully, you will see burning pieces of the torch fall and hit the petroleum. Wouldn't this start a fire as Kazim later on sets the cavern alight with a single match? (00:34:05)

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Henry: Come on, Junior.
Indiana: Will you please stop calling me Junior?
Sallah: Please, what does this mean? Always with this Junior?
Henry: That's his name: Henry Jones, Junior.
Indiana: I like Indiana.
Henry: We named the dog Indiana.
Sallah: The dog? You are named after the dog.
Marcus: Can we go home please?
Indiana: I have a lot of fond memories of that dog.

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Trivia: Hitler was played by the actor Michael Sheard, this was the third time he had played Hitler for film and TV. Ironically, Sheard's wife was half-Jewish.

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Question: They didn't make it out of the cave with the grail because they dawdled... I wonder, would someone be able to make it out running at a dead sprint once they crossed the seal? And if so, does that mean that they're home free? Or would disaster follow them outside of the cave?

Answer: The implication is that disaster would follow them outside of the cave as well. It wouldn't make much sense if you could simply outrun the disaster.


"Followed by disaster" is a kind of curse, a thing not common in Christianity. It doesn't make much sense anyhow. A seal is just a dot - OK, so let's at least grant that the seal represents a circle that the grail has to stay in. Who decided where those borders are? The grail was taken there during the first crusade. That was closer to 1938 than it was to 33 AD. The three knights could move the grail about then. Why not afterwards? The knights could have built the traps. But the borders could only have been set by god, in an unusually late and completely atypical miracle.

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There are several examples of curses in the Christian Bible: Lot's wife is turned into a pillar of salt for looking back at Sodom, the plagues visited upon Egypt, Adam and Eve are cursed for eating fruit from the tree of knowledge, etc. The knights did not move the grail around after finding it, they stayed in the temple for 150 years and then two left leaving the third behind. The great seal and it's restriction was already in place when the knights got there.

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