Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Continuity mistake: When young Indy fights a baddie, the rhino sticks his horn through the roof and the baddie is pushed to the right. When the angle changes he is falling on the opposite side.


Continuity mistake: When young Indy confronts the lion, the way the whip is rolled changes between shots. The second time a small loop appears.


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Continuity mistake: During the rhino scene, the roof of the carriage swaps from dark grey to blue before the rhino's horn goes through the roof.


Continuity mistake: When young Indy falls on the rhino carriage, there's two banners whipping by each of his legs. When the angle changes (to an obvious chroma background) the banner on the right is gone.


Continuity mistake: When young Indy breaks the lion's carriage ceiling and falls inside, a wooden plank falls on his stomach. When the angle changes the plank is gone.


Continuity mistake: When the movie beings, the Boy Scouts at the end of the row dismount the horses, then the angle changes and they dismount the horses again.


Continuity mistake: When the brotherhood member aims his gun at Elsa whilst she is driving in the boat, Elsa ducks downwards to avoid the shot, but in the next angle, she is sitting upright.

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Continuity mistake: Henry tells Indy "let it go" and Indy takes his left arm to where his father is. Half a second later his arm is away and he repeats the previous movement.


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Continuity mistake: When the grail falls down the cliff and Elsa and Indy try to grab it, the ground it lies on is either yellow or brown. This changes back and forth and has nothing to do with lighting.


Continuity mistake: While being chased by the plane, Dr. Jones faces backwards and cries "This is intolerable!", then faces forward and ducks. From the immediate wide angle he is still facing backwards.


Continuity mistake: During the escape from the Nazis the Jones boys pass through a boathouse and Indy sets a small boat loose with the engine running to distract them. When he releases the boat the motor (and boat) is turning to the starboard side (which would turn the boat straight back into the bank), but when the Nazis arrive, the boat is running perfectly straight down the river.

Continuity mistake: When Indy and his father take the car from the old man, you can see that viewed from behind Henry is the driver and Indy is next to him. In the next shot, they have changed positions and Indy is now driving the car.

Continuity mistake: After Indy and Elsa exit the catacombs through a sewer and start to run away, a woman in pink turns her head to watch them leave and then turns around to see Kazim's men run after the couple. A frame later, from a new angle, the woman's head is turned 45° facing downwards.


Continuity mistake: Indy stops his sidecar at a crossroad, meters ahead of a house. When the angle changes he is now several meters behind.


Continuity mistake: During the crashes by the border control the road keeps swapping from sunny to shadowy back and forth in less than 3 seconds.


Continuity mistake: When Marcus watches the carbon copy of the shield, his ice-bag is on the table, but when the angle changes he has it next to his head and seconds later he puts it on the table. Also, the ashtray moves backwards between shots.


Continuity mistake: On the tank, Indy is punched and the gun falls inside. His hat also falls off, but a shot later it's back on, perfectly tucked in.



Continuity mistake: In the library scene Indy discovers the "X" high up on the balcony. The X is green with a grey background. When he breaks the tile to find the tomb the X has become a faint outline on the floor. (00:27:40 - 00:28:45)


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Suggested correction: You still can see one "leg" of the X on the floor, it's only darker than viewed from above because the camera angle and illumination set used.

I think it is meant to be an optical illusion.

The "X" is first shown as a dark green "X" on a beige background. Next, we are shown the same dark green "X" that is barely visible over a green background. I think we are meant to understand that the beige square tiles were lifted away in a cut scene.

I see no reason why they would replace the floor just for the higher shot, it's the same floor throughout the scene. When they enter it's the same floor we see later as they are going into the hole. It's probably not a real marble floor, so they can use a styrofoam or plywood tile that Harrison can lift, one that matches the surrounding tiles. They don't shine as much as the rest of the floor. In the shot up high there is different lighting, so that could explain it. It just appears to be different. Of course, sudden different light can be seen as a revealing mistake.


Suggested correction: Not a mistake, just a different viewing angle.

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[Henry has activated a secret lever which rotates him and Indiana from a room on fire to a room full of German soldiers.]
Henry Jones: Our situation has not improved.

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Trivia: When Indy asks his father how he knew Elsa was a Nazi, Henry replies, "She talks in her sleep." Sean Connery ad-libbed this line. The cast and crew burst out laughing, which resulted in the scene being re-shot. The ad-libbed line remained in the film.

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Question: Are Indiana Jones and his father immortal at the end of the movie or does the grail's power become null and void when it crosses the seal? The knight said something like "The grail cannot cross the seal, that is the price of immortality." That makes it sound like they are not immortal at the end but I still want to check.


Chosen answer: They're not, no. An individual doesn't become immortal after one drink - it requires them to drink regularly in order to remain alive. So neither Jones has been rendered immortal, merely healed of any wounds that they might have. But your surmise is basically correct - as the Grail cannot leave the shrine, any individual wishing to use it to prolong their life must stay there if they wish to enjoy its effects.


Also, in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull, Henry Jones, Sr has passed away before the start of the story and therefore was not immortal.


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