Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Trivia: The orginal title for this film was "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Death" which was changed because it sounded too foreboding.

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Trivia: Not a mistake, just something that's not immediately obvious: When they arrive at the plane after the club scene, the man that walks them to the plane is Dan Aykroyd.

Trivia: The 'chilled monkey brains' served during the dinner scene at the Palace were made from custard and raspberry sauce.

Trivia: A working title during preproduction was 'Raiders of the Temple of Death' before it was decided to base the title scheme around Indiana Jones (and of course "Death" was later changed to "Doom").


Trivia: Kate Capshaw was so afraid to do the scene with all the bugs, that she took drugs to calm her down. They made her a little "drunk". The slowed yet sometimes hysteric reactions to the bugs, were her own real phobias.

Mark English

Trivia: Originally Kate Capshaw was to perform a much bigger part in the dance number for "Anything Goes". However when she tried on the dress, she couldn't perform the moves, so her dance was cut and she just did simple hand and leg movements throughout the song.

Jack's Revenge

Trivia: Executive producer George Lucas has a cameo role as a missionary in the background in the airport scene at the beginning.

Trivia: The Thuggee was a real cult in India until the early 1900s. They were more of a cross between gypsies and the mafia than the army of religious zealots seen in Temple of Doom. The word Thuggee is, after all, the origin of our word "thug." For a more realistic portrayal of them, check out the Pierce Brosnan movie "The Deceivers."

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Trivia: When two of Lao-Che's men push Indy on a trolley into the orchestra during the fight at Club Obi-Wan, one of the members lets out a "Wilhelm scream."

Trivia: When Indiana Jones shoots the driver of Lao-Che's car during the chase in Shanghai, a "Wilhelm scream" can be heard.

Trivia: When Mola Ram is eaten by the crocodiles, a "Wilhelm scream" can be heard.

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Continuity mistake: When Short Round rams the car into the back of the rickshaw, in the next shot facing the rickshaw driver we can see that he loses his right shoe (viewer's left) just as he's lifted into the air, but his shoe returns in following shots. (00:12:05)

Super Grover

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Willie: There are two dead people down here!
Indy: There's gonna be two dead people in here!

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Question: When the man was hanged on the fan, what exactly happened? It seems like he was cut by the fan, but then there's no blood or anything. How exactly did he die? And why did the fan suddenly stop when he hit it?


Chosen answer: His neck was snapped by the whip getting caught in the fan. There isn't always blood with a hanging. Since the fan wasn't designed to hold a man's weight, the motor in it would have stopped or given out.

Captain Defenestrator

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