Angels in the Outfield

Angels in the Outfield (1994)

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Continuity mistake: In one of the first games the movie shows, announcer Ranch Wilder has a bruise near his eye. This bruise disappears the following day, and is never heard of again at any point in the rest of the film.

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Suggested correction: The bruise did not disappear the following day. It is noticeable on him while he's in the press box at a following game. It's at 20:38 into the movie. You can then see it from 20:38 up until 20:46.

Continuity mistake: When Knox meets Roger at his house, he asks if JP can speak, and later is surprised when he tells him "Thank you for the ride home". However, five seconds earlier, Roger had looked at his photograph with Knox in full earshot, and JP had said "It looks like a prison photo".

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Suggested correction: Correction: When Knox arrives at Roger's house to bring him the photo taken after the game, J.P. says softly "It looks like a prison photo" while looking towards Roger. I believe the producer made the audience feel as if only Roger heard J.P. and not Knox. This was at about 32 minutes into the movie. The part where J.P. says "Thank you for the ride home" wasn't said five seconds earlier. This was at 46:45 minutes into the movie when Knox dropped them off by bus. Then Knox said in surprise: "He speaks?"

Continuity mistake: The stain from the nachos on David's pants is completely gone when Roger asks him to get him a cup of coffee.


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George Knox: You're Roger's mom?
Maggie Nelson: Nope.
George Knox: Aunt? Grandma?
Maggie Nelson: No, we're not related. This is a short-term foster care facility, I run it. Roger is a ward of the state.
George Knox: I see. So Roger, he's got a wild imagination? Always coming up with stories?
Maggie Nelson: No actually, he's very grounded. Truth is most kids who are taken away from their parents by the court system, have a good handle on reality.

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Trivia: At the end of the movie, Carney Lansford spits out chewing tobacco. In reality, they used black liquorice to obtain the same look without having to use the real thing.

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Question: What did Al mean when he told Roger to keep his nose clean? I've heard this expression somewhere else but I just don't understand what it means.

Answer: "Keep your nose clean" just means stay out of trouble.


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