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Corrected entry: Through the whole movie they make a big deal about how the young character "JP" doesn't ride in cars because he used to live in one (they take him places in a bus, van, etc.). Yet, in the end, his friend is sitting in the car, depressed, and JP sits next to him in the car to console him.

Correction: You could argue that this shows that cheering up his friend is more important than anything else.

Corrected entry: During the pinch hitter scene when the angel slows the pitch down for the rookie ballplayer, Christopher Lloyd uses the ball as a hacky sack to stop the opponents from getting a hold of it. One shot shows the players in the infield scrambling for the ball, and the next shot shows Christopher Lloyd kicking the ball around right next to the outfield wall. The very next shot shows the players in the infield chasing the ball once again.

Correction: Christopher Lloyd was simply using his ball to "control" the ball the players were chasing around.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the last game of the movie, the announcer states that it is the last game of the season. However, before the top of the ninth inning, the announcer says that the Angels are three outs away from the pennant, and again after the game is over, the other announcer exclaims that the Angels have won the pennant. The 'pennant' in baseball is the term for the league championship. However, when the film was made, each league was comprised of two divisions. On the last game of the season, the Angels would only have won their division, and would have to win a best-of-seven league championship series to secure the league pennant.

Correction: When the announcer says the Angels are 3 outs away from the pennant, he means 3 outs away from the pennant series. After the win, the other announcer never stated the Angels won the pennant. His exact words are "and the Angels have won it" meaning the game.

You can hear the other announcer say "The Angels won the pennant" BEFORE this line was said.

Continuity mistake: In one of the first games the movie shows, announcer Ranch Wilder has a bruise near his eye. This bruise disappears the following day, and is never heard of again at any point in the rest of the film.

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Suggested correction: The bruise did not disappear the following day. It is noticeable on him while he's in the press box at a following game. It's at 20:38 into the movie. You can then see it from 20:38 up until 20:46.

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George Knox: You're Roger's mom?
Maggie Nelson: Nope.
George Knox: Aunt? Grandma?
Maggie Nelson: No, we're not related. This is a short-term foster care facility, I run it. Roger is a ward of the state.
George Knox: I see. So Roger, he's got a wild imagination? Always coming up with stories?
Maggie Nelson: No actually, he's very grounded. Truth is most kids who are taken away from their parents by the court system, have a good handle on reality.

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Trivia: At the end of the movie, Carney Lansford spits out chewing tobacco. In reality, they used black liquorice to obtain the same look without having to use the real thing.

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Question: At the end of the movie George Knox adopts PJ, and Roger. Wouldn't George have had to meet with a social worker before adopting them?

Answer: Maybe he did offscreen?


I meant that as a yes or no question.

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