Angels in the Outfield
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George Knox: You're Roger's mom?
Maggie Nelson: Nope.
George Knox: Aunt? Grandma?
Maggie Nelson: No, we're not related. This is a short-term foster care facility, I run it. Roger is a ward of the state.
George Knox: I see. So Roger, he's got a wild imagination? Always coming up with stories?
Maggie Nelson: No actually, he's very grounded. Truth is most kids who are taken away from their parents by the court system, have a good handle on reality.

Hank Murphy: You believe there's real angels?
George Knox: I know it sounds crazy.

JP: Look! It's God's thumbnail.

Roger Bomman: I've got to ask you something. Do you believe in angels?
Maggie Nelson: What have angels got to do with you being out of bed?

Hank Murphy: Are you crackin' up, or is this a repeat of Cincinnati?
George Knox: No, no, it's nothing like that.

Roger Bomman: David, I need a drink.
David Montagne: You have drinks.
Roger Bomman: I don't want this, I want something else.
David Montagne: What else?
Roger Bomman: Uh... coffee.
David Montagne: You drink coffee?
Roger Bomman: Yeah, of course. All the time.
JP: Yeah, all the time! What do you think we are? Little kids or something? Now give me a cup or I'll scream.
David Montagne: How do you take it?
Roger Bomman: In cups.

Roger Bomman: Did you see that?
JP: Yeah! Awesome.
Roger Bomman: They were just sucked down right from the sky.
JP: Who?
Roger Bomman: Those guys. Those guys... in sparkling pajamas.
JP: What are you talking about, Roger? What guys in sparkling pajamas?

JP: You used to be Mel Clark?
Mel Clark: Yeah. I used to be.

Roger Bomman: God... if there is a God... if you're a man or a woman... if you're listening, I'd really, really like a family. My dad says that will only happen if the Angels win the pennant. The baseball team, I mean. So, maybe you can help them win a little. Amen. Oh, a-woman, too.

Ranch Wilder: Bass sets... and sets... and sets again.

George Knox: In baseball we use signals. Make some kind of signal. I can't come over here every couple of seconds.
Roger Bomman: I'll go like that, okay?

George Knox: There's a thing called "talent"! They don't have it.

Family Court Judge: You understand that once this hearing has established Roger's permanent placement status, his welfare will forever forward be determined by this court.
Mr. Bomman: I understand.
Family Court Judge: And you consulted a lawyer?
Mr. Bomman: Look, lady, I get what I'm doing. The kid's not mine anymore. Not proud of it. There isn't anything that could change my mind about it either.

George Knox: Hey, let's keep the profanity down.
Angel players: HUH?
George Knox: I mean it! No swearing.
Ray Mitchell: That eliminates all speech for most of the team.

Ranch Wilder: And Williams and Norton collide, and the catch is blown.
Roger Bomman: Boy, they're bad.

Drunk Fan: Hemmerling for Mitchell? Go back to Cincinnati.

Continuity mistake: In one of the first games the movie shows, announcer Ranch Wilder has a bruise near his eye. This bruise disappears the following day, and is never heard of again at any point in the rest of the film.

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Suggested correction: The bruise did not disappear the following day. It is noticeable on him while he's in the press box at a following game. It's at 20:38 into the movie. You can then see it from 20:38 up until 20:46.

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Trivia: At the end of the movie, Carney Lansford spits out chewing tobacco. In reality, they used black liquorice to obtain the same look without having to use the real thing.

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Question: At the end of the movie George Knox adopts PJ, and Roger. Wouldn't George have had to meet with a social worker before adopting them?

Answer: Maybe he did offscreen?


I meant that as a yes or no question.

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